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Approvals - Certifications

The company

EN 14081 - 1:2005 Strength graded structural timber, Binderholz GmbH, Fuegen
EN 14081 - 1:2005 Strength graded structural timber, Binderholz Deutschland GmbH, Koesching

Profiled timber
VEH - quality controlled planing mill

Solid wood panels
Declaration of performance of solid wood panels
EPH - test certificate - 3 and 5 layer Solid Wood Panel 'Multistat'
EPD - binderholz solid wood panel

Certificate for EN 14080:2013 EG Certificate of conformity
Certificate for Binder-Rim-Board
JAS glulam
EPD - binderholz BSH glulam
Declaration of Performance Glued laminated timber without surface treatment
Certificate for EN 14080:2013 / Constancy of performance Baruth

Solid structural wood KVH®
Certificate EN 15497:2014 / Constancy of performance Baruth
Declaration of Performance DOP-BHJ-11-1 / KVH Jenbach​​​​​​​

binderholz CLT BBS
BBS European Technical Assessment ETA-06/0009
ICC-ES Certificate_binderholz CLT BBS_ESR-4081
HFA CE 1359 CPR 0758
Declaration of Performance DOP-BHBU-32-1-BBS XL-ETA
Declaration of Performance DOP-BHUN-31-1-BBS SYS-ETA
Declaration of Performance DOP-BHUN-32-1-BBS XL-ETA
EPD - binderholz CLT BBS
ISO 14001 Certificate
ISO 45001 Certificate
ISO 9001 Certificate

Pressboard pallets binderholz PSP
IPPC self-declaration
REACH self-declaration

Densified Biofuels
HD Pellets Fügen
HD Pellets Jenbach
HD Pellets St. Georgen
HD Pellets Unternberg
HD Pellets Deutschland
HFA-ENplus-0035 binderholz Fügen
HFA-ENplus-0034 binderholz Jenbach
HFA-ENplus-0032 binderholz St. Georgen
HFA-ENplus-0033 binderholz Unternberg
HFA-ENplus-0058 binderholz Deutschland

Energy management
Certificate ISO 50001:2018 Koesching
Certificate ISO 50001:2018 Burgbernheim
Certificate ISO 50001:2018 Oberrot
Certificate ISO 50001:2018 Baruth