binderholz garden wood

binderholz garden wood offers a wide range of possibilities for outdoor use, not only for decorative purposes, but also constructively. Possible applications include terraces, pool frames, privacy fences, raised beds, beach walkways and much more.

Decades of experience with the sustainable, regrowing material that is wood, combined with state-of-the-art planers, a future-oriented management and highly qualified employees characterise the binderholz group with its specialised garden wood production sites.

Whether there is a terrace, a privacy fence or a raised bed, hardly any garden can do without the regenerative raw material wood. As a building material, wood is easy to work with and features great natural properties for outdoor use.

Various finishing processes such as boiler pressure impregnation or thermal treatment enhance the positive properties for various applications. At the same time, wood blends harmoniously into any natural environment. And since the raw material for our garden wood comes exclusively from sustainably managed European forests, it can be enjoyed with a clear conscience.

We offer our garden wood of any kind to industry customers as well as fulfil customer-specific requirements (processing, dimensions, etc.)



• Terrace boards in different profiles and formats
• Planed construction wood
• Naturally permanent types of wood
• European wood from sustainable forestry
• Finishing: Boiler pressure impregnation and thermal modification


For those who prefer European wood to tropical wood types and at the same time place high demands on durability and aesthetics, thermopine is the right material for you. Thermal modification using heat and steam changes the physical and chemical properties of the wood. It becomes weather-resistant and dimensionally more stable, all without the use of chemicals.

• Durability class 2 (permanent)
• Weatherproof
• Without chemical additives
• Resin-free
• Dimensionally stable
• Very easy to work on
• Recyclable

Terrace boards

Central Europe locations

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