Construction solutions


In the tourism sector, binderholz construction solutions are used for the building of hotels, chalets, lodges and resorts. Factors such as building time, construction site noise and dirt play an important role especially with regard to modifications and additions, though they are also relevant for new buildings. binderholz construction solutions set benchmarks in every respect here, because their realizations are fast, dry, clean and quiet. Moreover, on request, a high level of prefabrication shortens the building time considerably, while maintaining high quality.

The weight of solid timber is relatively low compared to conventional building materials, offering many structural advantages, e.g. for adding another story to a building. Of course, there are also the well-known advantages of solid timber constructions.

Visible wooden surfaces can be used in many ways for the architectural design of interiors. The effect of various wood species such as Swiss pine, silver fir or BBS Antique can be optionally combined with color glazes as well as polished or brushed surfaces. The wooden surfaces make an agreeable atmosphere and, in conjunction with the outstanding properties of the wood substance as a storage for heat and moisture, they ensure a high level of living comfort.

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