Construction solutions

Residential buildings

Residential buildings constitute one of the greatest challenges in structural engineering. Quality, time and costs are the most important decision criteria. Every client weights them differently, and all three criteria directly and mutually interact with one another.
binderholz has tested more than 130 design superstructures for walls, ceilings and roofs in order to enable unerring assessments and planning reliability regarding all three. The results are available to planners and architects in the Solid Timber Manual 2.0. You can find all the important key figures for each of the tested and certified superstructures here - from the data for fire, noise and heat protection to structural performance and ecological parameters.

Another strength of binderholz construction solutions is a high degree of prefabrication available on request. It shortens building times considerably while always maintaining high quality. In addition, the comparatively slim solid timber constructions have a very economical ratio in terms of gross and net living space. This is a fact that is increasingly gaining in importance in terms of cost, in particular in urban spaces.
Economical hybrid solutions can also be implemented, which unite traditional construction methods with the advantages of solid timber construction through the intelligent combination of solid timber with other building materials such as concrete, steel and glass.
The warm surfaces of visible solid timber components, usually in the area of ceilings and roofs, and the outstanding properties of the wood substance as a storage for heat and moisture ensure a well-balanced living climate.

Wood in the city