Construction solutions

Top references

Every delivery of binderholz products, every involvement in contracts and projects, every consultation and service and every construction solution in solid timber is a challenge and reference alike. Often it's only in some areas of a building in which binderholz products are used. More and more frequently, however, we participate with binderholz construction solutions in the realization of entire buildings made of solid timber.

We would like to show you a few of those projects as top references in which we had access to extensive detailed information, the reports of different participants, sketches and building plans, structural designs and analyses as well as  excellent photographs from both the construction phase and the completion. 

We want to showcase the most important factors of success for each top reference. These include the professional know-how of all participants, primarily of our customers, the binderholz products and construction solutions used, our research and development work as well as the service and consultancy performance in each individual case.