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For commercial and industrial buildings, hybrid solutions with solid timber are ideal, e.g. solid timber elements in combination with steel and concrete. They are especially suitable for hall construction, where they are sensible both technically and commercially. Roof structures with a primary bearing structure made of GLT glulam can be realized in different shapes. These constructions are comparatively lightweight and comply with the most stringent fire protection requirements. In addition, they are well-designed aesthetically. Standardized solutions improve the cost-effectiveness of the buildings considerably in this context. The use of system-based building elements is possible in particular in administrative buildings and office buildings. binderholz only uses tested and certified solid timber components for its construction solutions, thus simplifying and expediting the planning and erection of buildings. Alongside the cost-effectiveness of a project, topics such as sustainability - both in terms of the building material and the use of the building - ecology, energy, life cycle costs and recycling have high priority. For many clients, these aspects take center stage when planning a new office or administrative building. After all, oftentimes they want the properties to be highly representational. Processed intelligently into a binderholz construction solution, wood as a natural and renewable raw material is especially sustainable and ecological. It can be recovered and is 100% recyclable. CONSTRUCTION SOLUTIONS Commercial | Industrial Photos: © B&K Structures Ltd.,

The Bond Norwest | Australia The Bond is a highly modern 6-storey office building made from wood located in an industrial area some 30 kilometres outside of Sydney. It houses 10,500 m2 of industrial office space, medical counselling and treatment rooms, a daycare centre and retail space. The building was erected using binderholz CLT BBS, binderholz glulam and binderholz solid wood panels. Photos: © Aran Anderson Photography

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Nashville | USA In Nashville, Tennessee, USA, a two-storey solid timber building was built for a local non-profit that supports charitable associations. It was built using binderholz CLT BBS and binderholz glulam. The exposed timber improves the building’s feel-good factor and regulates the humidity within. It was completed in May of 2023. Photos: © Andrew Keithly Photography

Sege Park Multi-Storey Car Park Malmö | Sweden Sege Park in Malmö is Sweden's largest multi-storey car park made from solid wood. At 18,000 m² of floor area and six stories it provides space for 600 cars, a bicycle garage and a mobility pool. It was built using 1,000 m³ of binderholz glulam and 3,850 m³ of binderholz CLT BBS elements, which will sequester some 5,000 tons of carbon in the long term. The elevator shafts and staircases are also made of solid wood. Photos: © Parkering Malmö

't Centrum office building Westerlo | Belgium One of the building's special features is its circular construction method. It means that the building materials used are easy to recycle, can be consistently reused and retain their value for a long time. Thus, the office building can be completely deconstructed and rebuilt elsewhere. With the three-story structure totalling 2,400 m² of floor space, Kamp C and all the partners involved aimed to demonstrate how sustainable construction is possible and inspire the construction industry. Photos: © Beneens Bouw en Interieur

THE GRAMOPHONE WORKS London | Great Britain Based on the canal-side architecture of the past, the impressive 6-storey lightweight construction using glass, binderholz CLT BBS and binderholz 3-ply solid wood panels complements the solid brick plinth that dates back to the 1930s. binderholz CLT BBS and binderholz 3-ply solid wood panels from sustainably managed forests capture more than 1000 tons of CO2, making a significant contribution to climate protection. Photos: © Studio RHE

Honeycamp Mannheim | Germany The building uses structural framing with binderholz glulam supports and beams. Its surfaces are highly variable, meaning that every type of spatial requirement can be met. Walls and ceilings are made from binderholz CLT BBS, parts of which in visible quality, offering lots of space for individual design possibilities. Photos: © Robin Heller - Treehouse Studios

binderholz office building in Baruth | Germany A total of 715 m³ of binderholz CLT BBS were needed to construct the new office building. A further 15 m³ of glulam GLT and 300 m² of 3 layer spruce and pine panels went into the new building. The load-bearing exterior walls were made using so-called binderholz CLT BBS thermal elements. These BBS Thermo walls were constructed from 27.5-cm-thick binderholz CLT BBS without any additional thermal insulation. Photos: ©

Production and trade company Pians | Austria To establish a smooth ceiling soffit with explosed wood, the sales and catering area, a 650 m² binderholz CLT BBS ceiling with a thickness of 24 cm was installed, which does without underlays and overlays and is only supported by 14 columns 24 x 24 cm in size. To date, the world's largest point-supported binderholz CLT BBS ceiling Photos: © ATP architekten ingenieure

'Curve' Business Centre Saint-Denis | France The main structure of the business centre 'Curve' consists entirely of solid wood in the form of binderholz CLT BBS and glulam. A total of 5,000 m³ of binderholz CLT BBS were used Photos: ©

Axtell House Business Centre Soho London | Great Britain During the extensive restoration work by the construction company, the core of the original building was completely removed and later repositioned with more workspace. Three floors and a communal roof garden were added. The top-up was realised by means of steel frames and solid wood ceilings made of binderholz CLT BBS in visual quality. Photos: © RED Construction Group

Office Building Orsman Road 6 Hackney | Great Britain Covering an area of more than 3,000 m2, the six-storey office building offers spacious and bright working and recreation areas. Thanks to the hybrid construction with binderholz CLT BBS, the space at the location between the adjacent buildings and the canal could be used at its best. Photos: © B&K Structures Ltd., Waugh Thistleton Architects

Riding Hall Fohlenhof Ebbs | Austria The hall was designed as a single-hip frame structure. 6 meters apart of each other 2 glulam beams with a length of up to 29.5 metres were mounted on the supports. In order to meet the requirements of statics, these beams had a height of 1.48 m and were delivered directly from the Jenbach CLT plant to the construction site. Between the suspended stringers, the binderholz CLT BBS elements were attached. Photos: © Jürgen Scharmer

Mastercard VIP House Kitzbühel | Austria The grandstand lounge, featuring a reclaimed wood look with roof terrace and bar, has been constructed from a combination of binderholz CLT BBS, GLT glulam, solid wood panels and profiled wood. Its special feature is that it can be built up in almost any terrain thanks to its completely flexible modular design. Photos: © WWP

Water Park Rulantica Rust | Germany A mix of Scandinavian style, Nordic countryside features as well as imaginative designs, and all of those framed with a binderholz glulam roof construction. A total of 1,100 m³ of GLT glulam and 300 m³ of binderholz CLT BBS were installed. Photos: © Holzbau Amann GmbH

The Business Premises of Kost Kamm Windelsbach | Germany All parts of the building consist of solid wood products. Indoors, binderholz CLT BBS was processed in visible quality. The CLT BBS elements of the window openings cut out of the walls can be used as workbenches. In addition, 3-layer solid wood panels were used for construction. Photos: © Melanie Wiesner

Office-Box Thalgau | Austria A creative solution made of wood was chosen for this object. A modern and innovative office complex was built in the existing industrial hall. A total of 124 m³ binderholz CLT BBS were installed, of which 63 m³ CLT BBS XL were in residential visible quality and 61 m³ CLT BBS 125 in non-visible quality. Photos: © dunkelschwarz ZT OG

Motorway service station A63 Cestas Ouest Bordeaux | France For the wood construction and completion of the interior 120 m³ binderholz CLT BBS, 40 m³ GLT glulam and 1,500 m² 3-layer solid wood panels. Photos: © binderholz

Dance School Santner Wels | Austria At a distance from the historic walls, a wooden structure made of white-glazed binderholz CLT BBS was installed. As a result, the historic interior walls were preserved and supplemented by new windows in the plinth zones. A total of 1,200 m² of binderholz CLT BBS were used. Photos: © Walter Ebenhofer

METRO ZERO 1 St. Pölten | Austria Solid wood panels, GLT glulam and binderholz CLT BBS were installed in the building complex. Thus, the wood content amounts to 2,860 m³, resulting in a CO2 saving of approx. 2,860 tons. The use of wood instead of reinforced concrete alone saved a total of 660,000 kg of CO2. Photos: © Walter Ebenhofer

Coffee Production Plant Johannson Vestby | Norway Wood is the main material both inside and outside. The walls and ceilings are made of 1,100 m³ binderholz CLT BBS, while GLT glulam 1,300 m³ was used for struts and girders. Photos: © JOH-SALG AS

Louis Vuitton 'Atelier de maroquinerie' Beaulieu-sur-Layon | France The building with a total area of 6,000 m² consists of a wood-steel construction and a surrounding glass façade. The roof made of 6,500 m² binderholz CLT BBS assumes the role of a disc that distributes the building tension on the central supports. Photos: © LV & DE-SO architectes

binderholz TimberBrain Office Building Hallein | Austria A total of 610 m³ binderholz CLT BBS was used for the new building: of which 450 m³ were CLT BBS 125 and 160 m³ CLT BBS XL elements. 20 m³ GLT glulam and 100 m² 3-ply solid wood panels of spruce, stone pine, larch, pine and white fir were also used in the new building. The load-bearing external walls were also constructed with what are known as CLT BBS Thermo elements. Photos: © binderholz

Road maintenance depot Haiming | Austria The structure was constructed using a combination of binderholz CLT BBS elements and glulam beams: 580 m³ of industrial quality CLT BBS 125 and 45 m³ of CLT BBS XL elements were used. The system-based design of this concept using binderholz CLT BBS 125 elements requires a large degree of prefabrication. Photos: ©

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