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binderholz DECORATIVE MICRO CLT Decorative Micro CLT 3 layer panels are easy to work with due to their stability and versatility. The multiple layers of wood are glued together with alternating grain orientations, which minimizes the risk of warping or twisting. This construction enhances their overall strength and durability. Additionally, they are less prone to expansion and contraction compared to solid wood boards, making them more dimensionally stable. This stability reduces the likelihood of cracking or splitting, providing a more reliable material for various woodworking applications. Their consistent and predictable characteristics makes them easier to machine, cut, and shape, offering woodworkers a reliable and user friendly material for their projects. HOW TO DEFINE A DECORATIVE MICRO CLT • It is composed by two outer layers, following the grain and set parallel and at least one middle layer, set crosswise (at right angles) to the grain of the outer layers • The layers are glued together, on their edges and on their faces • Lamina (long, thin boards) of outer and inner layers are continuous, not jointed or fingerjointed • Outer layers and middle layer Lamina always have the same widths within one panel • Lamina crosswise glued • Lamina glued on the edges • Both surfaces are sanded with 80 grit APPLICATIONS • Wall Panels • Ceiling Panels • Accent Walls • Room Separators • Furniture • Staircases and Stairparts • Doors • Cabinets • Retail Store Fittings • Garden Houses, Sheds, Small Buildings • Tiny Houses • Exterior Facades - needs constructive and architectural protection © binderholz © ZillerSeasons © binderholz © Robert Koelewijn Fotografie © Marble Moon © binderholz

BENEFITS • Fast Installation • Solid Wood Grain Pattern • Easy Installation (no furring strips needed) • Dimensionally Stable • No Movement of individual pieces • Reduced checking due to low moisture content and careful drying • Even and Natural Surfaces • Variety of Surface Options binderholz supplies the Decorative Micro CLT for use in high quality interior fittings and furniture making. It offers the best conditions for a successful and easy processing and complies with all visual and technical standards. Mechanically visually sorted Lamina offer the guarantee of panels with a minimum of cracking and a beautiful, even wood pattern. The environmentally friendly three layer gluing, in combination with the thick top layers ensure that the raw wood material retains all of its good natural properties and also makes it more stable and durable. Decorative Micro CLT made of spruce or pine with tongue and groove connection is a fast solution to interior wall finishings. Formats Standard Size 4’x16,4’ Special US Formats 4’x8’ 2’x4’ with 4 Sided T&G 2’x8’ with 2 Sided T&G 30”x65” Pine Panel • Strength and Durability • Aesthetic Finish • Versatile Design Options and Purposes • Easy Installation (lightweight) • Simple Paneling Installation • A sustainable Home Renovation The most flexible raw material for all your woodworking needs

Binderholz GmbH · Massivholzplattenwerk Gewerbegebiet 2 · A-5113 St. Georgen bei Salzburg fon +43 6272 8511 · fax +43 6272 8511-12001 · GB-02-2024 Download Thickness 3-ply Thickness outer layers (approx. mm) Weight kg/m2 12 mm 4 6 16 mm 5 8 19 mm 5,5 9,5 22 mm 6,5 11 27 mm 9 13,5 32 mm 9 15 40 mm 9 18 50 mm 12,5 23 60 mm 12,5 28 19 mm 40 mm STANDARD THICKNESSES STANDARD SPECIES 3-layer panel spruce A/B grade C+/C grade C/C grade 3-layer panel Nordic pine A/B grade Quality options for every budget with the natural look and feeling of solid wood. B/C+ grade