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In interior design and furniture production, especially in the high-quality sector, the use of solid wood panels as an alternative to other woodbased materials is becoming increasingly important. Advantages • Wide range of applications in outdoor and indoor areas • High stability, compactness and strength with a comparatively low weight • Low susceptibility to cracking - right side of lamellas is outside • Low distortion - uniform lamella drying • Easy-to-process, durable material • Surface and edge processing is possible • Natural, biologically valuable • Healthy breathability and high resilience • Impeccable from the viewpoint of building biology - no additional formaldehyde elimination PRODUCTS Solid wood panels

THE GRAMOPHONE WORKS London | Great Britain Based on the canal-side architecture of the past, the impressive 6-storey lightweight construction using glass, binderholz CLT BBS and binderholz 3-ply solid wood panels complements the solid brick plinth that dates back to the 1930s. Photos: © Studio RHEc

binderholz office building in Baruth Germany The load-bearing exterior walls were made using so-called binderholz CLT BBS thermal elements. These BBS Thermo walls were constructed from 27.5-cm-thick binderholz CLT BBS without any additional thermal insulation.. The wood surface of all load-bearing components was finished in residential visible quality. Photos: ©

City Market Braga | Portugal To account for the sustainability aspect, the steel construction was supplemented with wood. 7,000 m² of 3 layer solid wood panels which were mounted directly to the steel construction are responsible for the unique atmosphere inside. The façade was clad in 1,300 m² of 3 layer solid wood panels, lending the building an air of solid, traditional wood construction, combined with modern style. Photos: © FG + SG Architectural Photography, binderholz

Train station and town hall 'Stadshus' Växjö | Sweden The building was constructed in skeleton construction with supports and beams as well of glulam GLT and beams as well as binderholz CLT BBS ceilings. On the lowest and top floor, timber-frames made of BSH were used. The roof features an impressive, curved shape and was made of 125 elements of binderholz CLT BBS. Photos: © Anders Bergön

Macquarie University Incubator New South Wales | Australien A total of 105 m³ of glulam and 2,500 m² of 3-layer solid wood panels were processed during a construction period of only a few months. The Incubator won several awards in different categories and was nominated for numerous other awards. Photos: © Murray Fredericks

Detached house 'An Cala' Nedd | Scotland The total of 13 modules consists of binderholz CLT BBS with a wood fibre exterior insulation and a superficially charred larch façade. Photos: © David Barbour

Hotel MalisGarten Zell am Ziller | Austria Hotel MalisGarten consists of solid wood products from the floor slab to the roof. binderholz CLT BBS as well as glulam and made of spruce and larch were used for the entire supporting structure. Even the stairwells and lift shafts are made of solid wood. Photos: © ZillerSeasons

Residential and office building Lake Zurich | Switzerland A total of 195 m³ of binderholz CLT BBS, 7 m³ of GLT glulam and 1,900 m² of solid wood panels of Swiss pine and fir were installed. Photos: © binderholz

The Business Premises of Kost Kamm Windelsbach | Germany The company building of Kost Kamm consists of binderholz CLT BBS and 3-layer solid wood panels of spruce A/B used for construction. Photos: © Melanie Wieser

Private semi-detached house Mut zur Lücke Innsbruck | Austria The ceilings and walls inside are partly made of binderholz CLT BBS in visible quality and partly from 200 m2 binderholz 3-layer solid wood panels of spruce, white glazed. Photos: © David Schreyer

Single-family house Uderns | Austria The solid wood construction consists of a combination of 176 m³ binderholz CLT BBS, 15 m³ GLT glulam and 200 m² solid wood panels of White fir of radial and half-radial saw cut A/B. Photos: © becknaphoto

Modular Box Porto | Portugal For the prefabricated modular room elements as well as for the interior design and furnishing, binderholz 3-layer solid wood panels made of spruce and larch in various thicknesses from 12 to 50 mm were used. Photos: © Ricardo Oliveira, Arq | SPSS

Museu Interactivo do Megalitismo Mora | Portugal The 3,300 m² 3-layer solid wood panels of spruce A/B were skillfully installed on top of each other and at the same time act as an efficient room divider which shows the archaeological treasures on display off to their best advantage. Photos: © FG + SG

Motorway service station A63 Cestas Ouest Bordeaux | France For the timber construction and interior construction, 120 m³ binderholz CLT BBS, 40 m³ GLT glulam and 1,500 m² 3-layer solid wood panels of spruce A/B were installed. Photos: © binderholz

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