thermo pine


Those who prefer domestic over tropical wood species while valuing durability and aesthetic will find everything they‘re looking for in our thermo pine. Thermal modifications using heat and steam change the wood’s physical and chemical properties. It becomes weather-resistant and more dimensionally stable. And all of that without the use of chemicals. binderholz THERMO PINE Properties • Durability class 2 (durable) • Weather-resistant • Without chemical additives • Resin-free • Dimensionally stable • Easy to process • Uniform brown colour, even when cut * • Recyclable Care If you want the colour of your thermo pine products to last, you need to treat the wood with wood oil immediately and regularly. If you’re looking for a grey patina, don’t treat it and the wood will become grey over time due to UV radiation. * Use • Terraces • Privacy fences and covers • Structurally protected exterior areas • Exterior areas without constant contact with soil or water

RANGE TERRACE BOARDS Thermally modified, groves on the sides, smooth/smooth, edges rounded off Thickness mm Width mm Length m Packaging unit Quality 26 117 2,00 / 2,50 / 5,10 162 A/B grading SUBSTRUCTURE BAR Thermally modified, planed, chamfered edges Thickness mm Width mm Length m Packaging unit Quality 45 70 2,50 75 A/B grading Not suitable for self-supporting structures. Other lengths available on request. © ZillerSeasons Other lengths available on request.

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