glulam glt ceiling elements


Due to the high degree of prefabrication, our glulam GLT ceiling elements can be laid in the shortest possible time to immediately walkable raw ceilings. The underside of the ceiling elements can also be manufactured in visible quality on request. The elements are optimally protected against transport and handling damage by special packaging. Our state-of-the-art production facilities now also offer these elements with a sanded surface. Our glulam can be used not only for ceilings, but also as a wall and roof element. BINDERHOLZ GLULAM GLT CEILING ELEMENTS GLULAM CEILING ELEMENTS | TECHNICAL DATA Wood Species spruce Strength classes GL 24h* Surface and finger joint gluing modified melamine resin, for NKL 1-2, UV and weather resistant, bright Length 6 to 18 m Cut to length 3.5 to 18 m Default width 600, 1,000 and 1,200 mm Quality visible quality, industrial quality Thickness 60 to 280 mm (in 20 mm increments) Special widths from 240 mm (in 40 mm increments) * further strength classes on request Profile variants P100 P200 P210 P300 P310 P400 P410 P500 P510 GLULAM CEILING ELEMENTS | PROFILE VARIANTS • Glulam GLT ceilings can be made in dimensions from 60 mm to 280 mm - see glulam ceiling profiles for details. • All ceiling elements are made with a 3 to 4 mm chamfer on the underside. • The following profile dimensions are based on a 200 mm thick ceiling element. Dimensioning for other thicknesses is available on request. • On request, matching 3-layer solid wood connection boards with the dimensions 19 x 110 mm can be supplied. Price on request. connection boards 19 x 110 mm

For the optimal protection of the glulam GLT ceiling elements special packaging is used: Underneath the visible side there is cardboard which excellently prevents handling damage. This cardboard is placed by a separate machine directly under the newly manufactured elements and then wrapped together with the goods. This prevents the cardboard from shifting and also optimally protects the rest of the product. This additional protection has some further advantages for the customer, because it is no longer necessary to rotate the lowest element on the construction site. In addition, it prevents handling damage during loading and unloading and the risk of contamination on the construction site is also reduced. GLULAM CEILING ELEMENTS | PACKAGING Video Packaging of glulam GLT ceiling elements GLULAM CEILING ELEMENTS | MACHINING The glulam GLT ceiling elements can be individually processed using CNC-controlled machining systems. Even complex machining operations such as steel beam milling or double-sided machining, ceiling breakthroughs, boreholes, groove milling, etc. can be done with modern CNC cutting systems. Since summer 2020 a new online machining system will allow us to optimise delivery times after the release of a single-sheet drawing.

GB-03-2024 Download BSH CEILING ELEMENTS | GENERAL NOTES Assembly | Loading On request, we can already insert the screws ready for installation for the Assy lifting system by Würth. Packaging | Transport The glulam GLT ceiling elements are combined to packages and wrapped in UV-resistant foil. This facilitates short-term interim storage directly on the construction site without any risk of weather damage. The packages are prepared according to the customer‘s specifications and loaded onto the truck. The loading order of the packages and the ceiling elements can be carried out according to the customer‘s specifications or in the order of the intended assembly. Ceiling elements in visible quality are placed with the visible side facing downwards. The truck can be unloaded with a crane of a forklift. The ceiling elements can be laid directly from the truck at the customer‘s request. Basic Processing The quality and level of detail of our quotation and order processing depend strongly on the documents provided. CAD blueprints in 3D or 2D format provide an optimal basis. For a smooth running of a project, the work designs need to be implemented in single-sheet drawings. Once the customer places the order, an order confirmation is created and triggers the start of production. Binderholz GmbH · Glulam factory Tiwagstrasse 3 · A-6200 Jenbach fon +43 5244 601 · fax +43 5244 601-14002 ·