The company

Family-managed company

Even today the Binder family still support the brand name of binderholz. The vision, innovative strength, courage and exceptional commitment of every single employee make binderholz a reliable full-service provider in the field of wood. In the 1950s, Franz Binder Sen. turned his passion for wood into a profession. The Binder family has embodied this passion for three generations.

binderholz produces well thought-out solid wood solutions. Our responsible handling of this exceptional raw material, from seedling to full utilisation based on the zero waste principle guarantees premium solid wood products and densified biofuels. Our solid wood products range from lumber, profiled timber, single and multi-ply laminated solid wood panels and glulam to binderholz CLT BBS. These are complemented by DIY products such as garden wood, construction wood and multi-purpose boards as well as wooden pallets and customised packaging solutions. Waste wood from production is processed into densified biofuels, green electricity, pressboard pallets and pressed pallet blocks.

Besides its original headquarters in Fügen, Austria, binderholz operates 60 other sites. Some 6,000 employees at Austrian, German, British, Latvian, Finnish and US sites share their passion for wood.

Franz Binder sen.
Reinhard Binder, Matteo Binder, Natalie Binder, Hans Binder, Franz Binder
Familie Binder

Passion for wood

Franz Binder senior turned his passion for wood into a profession during the 1950s. Still only a small sawmill operation 70 years ago, binderholz today presents itself as a leading European company, equipped with advanced technologies and production methods, with a corresponding reputation on the timber material market.