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Wooden houses stand for well-being and a high level of living comfort. The warm wooden surfaces and outstanding properties of the wood substance as a storage for heat and moisture ensure a well-balanced living climate. You can enjoy individually all the countless possibilities of binderholz construction solutions for single-family houses. No matter whether it‘s a prefabricated house or a turn-key home, low-energy or plus-energy standard, whether in traditional or modern architecture: Single-family houses can be planned and erected individually with binderholz construction solutions. A great deal of leeway in design and statics is made possible by the combination of binderholz CLT BBS as the load-bearing, stiffening panel material with GLT glulam as supports and beams. The architecture in the interior can also be designed in a versatile and lively way. It is made possible by the visible wood surfaces of different wood species such as Swiss pine, silver fir or CLT BBS Antique, optionally in combination with color glazes as well as polished or brushed surfaces. CONSTRUCTION SOLUTIONS Single-family house Photos: © becknaphoto, David Barbour, Thomas Weber

Ecological home Zeist | The Netherlands This ecological home located in Zeist | The Netherlands is a solid wood construction. A total of 90 m3 of binderholz CLT BBS in visual quality were used. The extraordinary roof construction employs exposed wood surfaces and slanted wall as well as ceiling panels, resulting in truly unique rooms. The solar panels were integrated directly into the roof cladding. Moreover, the single-family home is equipped with a black wood façade and wooden window frames. The project was finished in October 2022. Fotos: © Robert Koelewijn Fotografie

The Water Tower Norfolk | Great Britain Underneath, binderholz CLT BBS panels fill the steel frame, which form, among other things, the sleeping area, which is completely glazed on the north side, as well as the entrance on the ground floor. The connected newly built tower provides access and has been provided with a free-supporting binderholz CLT BBS staircase designed by our engineering team Photos: © Mike Tonkin and Dennis Pederson

Detached house An Cala Nedd | Scotland With this special location in a spectacular part of the west coast of Scotland, the architect wanted to focus on the surrounding area by lifting the building above the ground to avoid any stone removal work. The total of 13 modules consists of binderholz CLT BBS with a wood fibre exterior insulation and a superficially charred larch façade. Photos: © David Barbour

Detached house Salzburg | Austria A total of 105 m³ binderholz CLT BBS were installed. Thanks to the detailed planning it was possible to build the house in just seven months. No changes were made between the planning and construction phases. Photos: © Thomas Weber, m3-zt

Single-family house Uderns | Austria This single-family house in state-of-the-art wood construction combines fantastic views of the Zillertal mountains with a special measure of elegance, cosiness and high-quality details. The solid wood construction consists of a combination of binderholz CLT BBS, GLT glulam and solid wood panels. After a very short design and construction period, the new building was completed in spring 2019. Photos: © becknaphoto

Residential and office building Lake Zurich | Switzerland In a prime location overlooking Lake Zurich, this residential and office building was completed in 2019. As a passive house in wood construction, it is characterised by high living comfort and cosiness, combined with extremely low energy requirements. A total of 195 m³ binderholz CLT BBS, 7 m³ GLT glulam and 1,900 m² of 3-ply solid wood panel were installed. Photos: © binderholz

Private semi-detached house Mut zur Lücke Innsbruck | Austria A Tyrolean architect succeeded in fulfilling her dream of owning a home. Although the property was considered irreclaimable, four builders, including the architect herself, bought the narrow, L-shaped 400 m2 site in Innsbruck city centre after four years of lengthy searching. A total of 135 m³ binderholz CLT BBS, 13 m³ GLT glulam, KVH, profiled wood and 200 m² 3-layer solid wood panels were installed. Photos: © David Schreyer

Single-family house 'Quellhof' Wiesing | Austria A private equestrian centre, consisting of a stable wing, an indoor riding arena and a private house, was completed in 2018 in the heart of the idyllic Tyrolean mountains. The buildings are characterised by their clean, linear architecture and excellent functionality and were privately designed. A total of 350 m³ GLT glulam and 300 m³ binderholz CLT BBS was used on the construction. Photos: © Christof Lackner, binderholz

Ekoflin family home Schiedam | Netherlands In a building like this, it is a question of using clean energy and also saving energy costs, as well as focussing on living comfort: ample sunlight, fresh air and intelligent spatial zoning are essential. The walls and ceilings consist of 60 m³ binderholz CLT BBS elements in residential visible quality. Photos: © binderholz

Single-family house Valdagno | Italy The detached house in the Italian city of Valdagno was built in 2016. The walls and ceilings of the house consist of 3- and 5-layer binderholz CLT BBS elements in visible quality. Photos: © binderholz

Single-family house Griffner Graz | Austria The building does not require any load-bearing internal walls. This task is performed in the main by the external walls. Made from 5-layer binderholz CLT BBS wall elements, they are designed to be load-bearing and stiffening. Pillars and GLT glulam beams provide the load-bearing support inside the house. Like the external walls, all ceilings and roofs are also made from solid wood in visual quality. Photos: © binderholz

House a_m Unterach am Attersee | Austria The suspended ceiling of the building projects on all sides and provides sheltered east and west-facing outdoor terrace areas. It consists of a binderholz CLT BBS 125 system ceiling and is supported at the edges of the building by steel supports. The roof, as well as the walls of the building, were built using a timber framework construction. Photos: © binderholz

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