binderholz densified biofuels

binderholz biofuels are synonymous of top quality and top service. For more than 20 years, we have been using 100% of the best domestic sawing by-products (sawdust, shavings and chippings) from sustainable forest cultivation that accumulate in our own sawmills. Manufacturing takes place at the sites in Fügen, Jenbach (Tyrol), St. Georgen, Unternberg (Salzburg) in Austria and in Kösching near Ingolstadt in Germany. With binderholz biofuels, you use clean and CO 2 -neutral heating. A single-family home saves using pellets 5.5 to 6 tonnes of climate-damaging CO 2 compared to a conventional heating oil requirement of about 2,000 litres. Thus, as an environmentally conscious consumer, you contribute actively to climate protection. Local biofuels guarantee independence from the shortage of the global oil and gas resources, which are exposed to strong price fluctuations that are also caused by higher taxes being charged for them in light of their unclean combustion. The combustion of pellets and briquettes in contrast is clean, as they are manufactured from the renewable material wood and the ash can be used as a valuable garden fertiliser. Pellets have achieved a significant price advantage compared to traditional energy carriers such as oil, gas, etc. over the past 15 years and they offer price stability. DENSIFIED BIOFUELS binderholz DENSIFIED BIOFUELS