binderholz densified biofuels

binderholz densified biofuels are synonymous with top quality and top-quality service. We have been using 100% top-quality local sawmill by-products from our own sawmills for more than 20 years as part of sustainable forest management. Production takes place at Fügen, Jenbach, St.Georgen and Unternberg in Austria and Kosching at Ingolstadt in Germany. With binderholz densified biofuels, heating is clean and CO 2 -neutral. Compared with the 2,000 liters of conventional fuel oil required for a detached house, the annual saving with pellets can be 5.5 to 6 tonnes of climate-damaging CO 2 . As an environmentally-conscious consumer, you are therefore actively contributing to climate protection. Local biofuels guarantee independence from the worldwide shortage of oil and gas resources that are subject to violent price fluctuations as well as the increased taxes levied because of their unclean combustion. On the other hand, briquettes and pellets are made from wood - a renewable raw material that burns cleanly. Over the past 10 years, pellets have achieved a significant price advantage over conventional energy carriers, such as oil and gas etc. and offer long- term price stability. binderholz DENSIFIED BIOFUELS DENSIFIED BIOFUELS