The intelligent and versatile raw material

In the timber industry the name Binder is associated with a sense of tradition and reliability, combined with modern technology and innovation. From humble beginnings as a small sawmill operation 60 years ago, the family-run binderholz company is now a leading player using state-of-the-art technologies and production methods enjoying an appropriate reputation on the market.

binderholz processes the regrowing raw material that is wood on the basis of the zero waste principle, utilising the resource in its entirety. From forest management and timber harvesting to processing in our sawmills and production of solid wood products and innovative mass timber solutions we consistently implement the entire value creation chain.

Besides its headquarters in Fügen, Austria, binderholz operates 28 additional locations. Around 5,000 employees in Europe and the US share a passion for wood.

Top references

Every delivery of binderholz products, every involvement in contracts and projects, every consultation and service and every construction solution in solid timber is a challenge and reference alike. Often it's only in some areas of a building in which binderholz products are used. More and more frequently, however, we participate with binderholz construction solutions in the realization of entire buildings made of solid timber.


The world of binderholz