clt bbs flatpack walls


TRANSPORT As standard, CLT BBS flatpack walls are loaded upright using transport racks, which are wrapped in a sustainable water-proof film. If required, the wall elements can also be delivered lying down, grouped together in packages. CLT BBS FLATPACK WALLS INSTALLATION On request, the lifting system specially developed for this purpose can be used for the installation of CLT BBS flatpack walls. It consists of metal U-profiles and is attached to the CLT BBS core of the wall by means of screws at the factory. CLT BBS flatpack walls are industrially prefabricated solid wood walls that offer maximumwall structure flexibility. Single or double-sided, single or double layer, 15 mm or 18 mm planking with drywall, with or without facing shell – you determine the wall structure! Our industrial production system promises high-quality wall elements in combination with sufficient scope for individual planning. Both the width and height of the walls, the positioning and size of openings as well as the position of electrical outlets can be flexibly selected. INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION The production of CLT BBS flatpack walls is carried out in flow production with several cycles on a specially designed production line. Optimised material cuts, digitised logistics and short distances, lean organisation and quality-assured processes as well as professionally competent and trained employees guarantee consistently high quality of the prefabricated wall elements. CLT BBS flatpack walls are Ü and ÜA label certified. Technical data Width | length max. 3,01 m | max. 11,25 m Cladding type 15 mm | 18 mm Drywall facing shell Thickness Can be combined with all CLT BBS thicknesses (60 - 280 mm) Processing Door and window openings Prerequisites No drywall protruding further than CLT BBS wall Only right angle wall formats Only straight wall joints Drywall tolerances Top element edge ± 2mm Bottom element edge ± 5 mm Left/right element edge ± 5 mm Door and window openings ± 2 mm

Construction physics and ecological assessment Fire protection REI 90 max. buckling length I = 3 m; max. load (qfi, d) = 54 [kN/m] Heat protection U [W/m²K] 0,248 Sound insulation Rw [dB] 69  Ecology ∆OI3 33 CLT BBS flatpack walls are perfectly suited, for example, as load-bearing interior walls as well as sound-insulating and fire-proof apartment partition walls. These prefabricated wall elements can be installed quietly, cleanly and dry in a very short time, thus increasing installation and construction work efficiency. APPLICATION EXAMPLES EXAMPLE: APARTMENT PARTITION WALL Use, for example, the CLT BBS apartment partition wall, which has been tried and tested over many years. This structure has been tested and certified by independent testing institutes with regard to fire and sound insulation. Further details are available in our Solid Wood Manual. Our Solid Wood Manual is a detailed guidebook for architects, designers, clients and executing organisations as well as people generally interested in solid wood construction solutions. Further details at

©dressler mayerhofer roessler architekten und stadtplaner B I NDERHOLZ CL T BBS 125 SYSTEM CE I L I NG GB-03-2023 Download Binderholz Bausysteme GmbH · CLT BBS Solvay-Halvic-Strasse 46 · A-5400 Hallein fon +43 6245 70500 · fax +43 6245 70500-17001 · SALES | CONTACT | PROCESSING Get in touch with your binderholz contact person and have them assist you. When ordering your binderholz CLT BBS project, you can let them know if you want to take advantage of the additional service of CLT BBS flatpack walls. binderholz will take care of preparing the walls for cladding. binderholz CLT BBS 125 SYSTEM CEILING Combine your CLT BBS flatpack walls with the tried and tested binderholz CLT BBS 125 system ceiling! Designing ceilings with CLT BBS 125 not only brings structural advantages such as self-supporting and dry construction, pane effect, dimensionally stable components, sufficient fire and sound protection, but also finished visible surfaces as well as a high degree of living comfort due to the positive effect of the wood mass on the room climate. With an element width of 125 cm, CLT BBS 125 sports the optimum ratio between laying width and weight. To the brochure