binderholz profiled timber

Profiled timber offers architectural design possibilities for external and internal use. The variety of applications includes canopy roof shuttering to externaltimbering, from floors to wall and ceiling panelling, from the cellar to the living room right through to damp locations.

Standard profiles

Surface finishing

Steaming and coating of profiled timber

In order to complete the profiled timber program, binderholz is now offering steamed profiled timber alongside a huge range of profiles and surface treatments such as brushing, rough sanding and coating. The steaming is done without adding any chemicals. It creates an even intensification of color. This way, a look of old wood is achieved.

The coating is carried out with water-soluble colours of Adler Lacke company. It is possible for all available profiles. The colour application is done with latest machines to assure a constant surface and lamination strength. Beside numerous standard colour shades it is possible to create individual colours.
Product Adler Aqua Deco-Lasur - water-soluble colour acrylate-based
Field of application not directly weathered wood such as protected claddings
Colour application with machines
Colour range Ebano, Teak, Larch, Pine, Walnut, Palisander, Colourless, Willow, Oak, Cedar, Olive, Mahogany. All colours are intermixable.


Einfamilienhaus, Graz | Österreich

Planed products for construction

Planed products for construction are used increasingly around the world in all areas of building. Their characteristics such as the diverse possibilities for use, high firmness relative to the weight and simple workability have been known advantages for hundreds of years.

“Global” market shares of timber construction: Single & multi-family homes

USA 90%
Japan 55%
Austria 33%
Great Britain 25%


Product range

Raw material

80% spruce
20% pine, larch and Douglas fir
Exclusively logs from sustainable use are processed


Products for the American market

The state of the art production facilities of the binderholz mill in Germany combined with the central European high quality raw material provides consistently highest class products with excellent properties regarding to strength and appearance, and a light to no wane specification.

Dimension lumber #2 spruce

  • Dimension Lumber in standard sizes (random length)
  • Studs in high accurate length trims (PET)
  • Kiln dried and certified heat treatment
  • N. Spruce from sustainable managed forestry in Germany

* ungraded/unstamped
º trim back length

Boards/stripes 2 com spruce/pine
* ungraded/unstamped
º trim back length

Specialities T&G spruce/pine
º trim back length

Deckings/squares pine
º trim back length

Kiln dried and certified heat treatment
N. Spruce / Sc. Pine from sustainable forestry in Germany


Information material

Profiled timber

Coating of profiled timber


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