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Lumber is the oldest and most frequently used material in all areas of construction worldwide. Properties, such as versatile applications, high strength to weight ratio and ease of processing have been recognised benefits for centuries. binderholz operates four large sawmills in Fügen in Austria, Kösching in Germany and Lieska and Nurmes in Finland. Over 60 years experience with lumber, constant assimilation of the latest technologies, ongoing rationalisation and forward-thinking management, together with professional highly qualified staff, are the company's hallmarks.

Product range Fügen | Kösching

binderholz meets the many different requirements by offering a wide range of products. All qualities and sizes are produced for both the construction and appearance sectors (lengths between 3 m and 6 m). Thanks to the latest sawmill technology binderholz does not just offer standard market sizes, but is also able to cater for special requirements. Flexibility and innovation make the company a reliable partner.

Raw material

85 % Spruce  
10 % Fir  
5 % Larch and pine

80 % Spruce
20 % Pine, larch and douglas fir

Only round timber from sustainable sources is processed.

top nordic quality

Product range

Raw material

100 % Nordic spruce

100 % Nordic pine

Only round timber from sustainable sources is processed.



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