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You are currently in occupational training and would like to cooperate with binderholz for a project or final paper?
Or you would like to gather valuable work experience in an internship during your training? At our company, you will support the teams in daily business and put your talent to the test in sub-projects for which you are personally responsible. We are looking forward to your suggestions for concrete topics and respectively desired/required areas of work for your internship at binderholz. In the ideal case, the first starting point results from an initial meeting for a later lasting collaboration at one of our international sites!
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You have just completed your occupational training or are about to and would like to enter the working world at binderholz? More information for graduates and professional novices can be found in the section on specialists and managers.

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Work preparation | Burgbernheim site

Kevin Barthel

“Roughly since my sixth year of age, I have had to do with the work material wood, which was when I helped in the forest make firewood for the coming winter. I have been certain since that time that I want to work in the timber industry after my school years. This is also how it came to pass. After my B-level exams, I started a three-year apprenticeship to become a wood processing mechanic at a small hardwood sawmill. After completing this apprenticeship, I did my vocational diploma afterwards to be able to study wood engineering at the polytechnic university in Rosenheim.
The first time I heard of binderholz at the IKORO fair taking place each year at the university in the summer semester.
In the following semester break, I gathered first experience at binderholz in a four-week holiday job at the Fügen sawmill site. This holiday job brought me several advantages. Firstly, I could initiate new contacts, secondly, earn money, and thirdly, I could enjoy Zillertal after eight hours of working in the sawmill. Since I liked it at binderholz and at the site, too, I also completed my practical semester in Fügen. During my practical semester, I got an overview of all departments at the site. Furthermore, I compiled a reference work for the various stations at the sawmill and analysed the woodchips generated by the profile chipper line. At present, I am writing my bachelor’s thesis at the binderholz site in Burgbernheim. 

I enjoy working at binderholz because regardless of when and which site I have come to or worked at, I have always received a friendly and supportive welcome. Moreover, I think it is good that binderholz is still family-managed in spite of its size.”