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Under the motto “strong together for the forest”, the companies Waldprofi and TTW Waldpflege offer a professional structure to implement all relevant forestry services. Our philosophy “all from one source” stands for swift and transparent processing of all of your timber transactions on time, from the harvest planning to invoicing, involving just one contact person. We can provide this quality and the broad range of services in the ideal way together with our professional partner structures “Waldprofi” andTTW Waldpflege. The strengthening of regional business structures and the use of local trained staff is important to us, as is the compliance with all criteria of sustainable forestry.

“We coordinate the pros.”


We offer solutions to forest owners for a profitable and sustainable forest cultivation in the highest execution quality.

For all orders, we pay attention to
• quality
• efficiency
• safety
• sustainability

Our customers’ satisfaction is the aim of our work!

Roundwood purchase

Everything from one source - we assure the unproblematic processing of the timber transaction on time to you through
• Acceptance of all product ranges
• On-time processing of the timber harvest and timber transport
• Swift and transparent taking of delivery
• High payment security and short payment periods
• Experienced and professional employees and strong partners

Timber harvesting

Through the involvement of harvesting specialists with many years of experience, we offer the highest work quality for your use in the area of
• Thinning
• End uses
• Single-log extractions
• Damaged timber processing

The well-considered selection of suitable harvesting methods, a targeted preparation of plots, the use of state-of-the-art machinery (cable cranes, processors, harvesters,...) and the continuous qualification of forest workers serve for the satisfaction of our customers.

Timber logistics

A coordinated and timely transport is worth cash.
We get behind the wheel as early as in the work planning, and the complete process from coordinating the schedule up to payment instruction is in our hands. This way, you have a point of contact from the start to finish of the transaction processing.

Areas of use

Find the relevant contact for the log purchase at the sawmill sites here.

Sawmills Austria

Timber Industry Fügen
Contact Eberharter Michael
Zillertalstraße 39 · A-6263 Fügen
fon +43 664 8441472

Sawmills Germany

Kösching Sawmill
Contact Mayer Josef
Einsteinstraße 9 · D-85092 Kösching/Interpark
fon +49 173 389 7851

Oberrot Sawmill
Contact Grau Christian
Eugen-Klenk-Straße 2-4 · D-74420 Oberrot
fon +49 151 167 353 37

Baruth Sawmill
Contact Schueler Steffen
An der Birkenpfuhlheide 1 · D-15837 Baruth/Mark
fon +49 171 3000 524

Wolfegg Sawmill
Contact Weinberger Markus
Grimmenstein 10 · D-88364 Wolfegg
fon +49 171 991 1474

Sawmills Finland

Lieksa Sawmill
Contact Schäfer Jochen
Kevätniementie 7 · FI-81700 Lieksa
fon +358 405 871 532

Nurmes Sawmill
Contact Schäfer Jochen
Sahanportti 1 · FI-75500 Nurmes
fon +358 405 871 532

Our partners

All businesses working with us have been selected carefully and they are committed to participating in our advanced training and qualification programs and complying with defined quality standards. They have state-of-the-art harvesting technologies and excellent employees with many years of experience in timber harvesting.
Our partners continue to be independent businesses, but they have entered an agreement on long-term collaboration with us, whereby we can guarantee high continuity in the work for our customers.

Waldprofi GmbH

Contact Waldprofi GmbH · Zillertalstraße 39 · A-6263 Fügen · fon +43 5288 601 · fax +43 5288 601-11013· mobile +43 664 8441472 ·
Key region Central Zillertal
Machine equipment K602 bergauf bergab, Radbagger Woody 60


TTW Waldpflege GmbH

Contact TTW Waldpflege GmbH · Eugen-Klenk-Straße 2-4 · D-74420 Oberrot · fon +49 7977 72-0 · fax +49 7977 1577 · ·
Key regions North, south and east Germany
Machine equipment Crawler harvester JD 1270 E, crawler harvester Atlas 1804, forwarder JD 1110 D, forwarder JD 1210 E
The entire operating range of TTW includes smaller four-wheel harvesters for initial thinning, classic thinning harvesters, and even extra strong wheel and dredger harvesters for the heavy timber harvest.

TTW Waldpflege
TTW Waldpflege
TTW Waldpflege


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