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binderholz is a full-range supplier for glulam products. Its core competence lies in the production of straight as well as special shaped beams. Glulam consists of at least 3 timber lamellas glued parallel to the grain. Through grading by strength and homogenization of the timber lamellas, a high level of load-bearing capacity is achieved in comparison to common construction timber. High load-bearing capacity, dimensional stability, product variety and excellent surface quality allow for a broad range of application options in the area of construction.


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Glulam GLT standard

Glulam is manufactured as standard units, in any length, dimension,strength class and surface quality based on customer requirements. Through the sustainable development of the Jenbach site in recent years, foremost in the productivity, the yield and the quality in combination with smart IT and software solutions, the site has geared up for cost and technology leadership in the laminated timber industry. The processing time of an order, regardless of the diversity of dimensions, is at most 8 hours from the first production step of finger jointing to loading. This process is monitored in plant 3 by only one employee using 40 large-screen monitors.

For all completed GLT packages, an automatic rack warehouse has been built in which up to 850 individual packages or 2,000 m³ GLT packages can be stored at a time. The process of storing and removing the packages from storage is fully automated using a specially developed warehouse management program without which a punctual, fault-free and damage-free processing would not be possible. Another novelty is that we pre-load all loads in a loading lane wherever possible. In 3-shift operation, therefore, up to 35 truckloads per day are pre-loaded on two loading bays.

Glulam GLT ceiling elements

Due to the high degree of prefabrication, our glulam GLT ceiling elements can be laid in the shortest possible time to immediately walkable raw ceilings. The underside of the ceiling elements can also be manufactured in visible quality on request. The elements are optimally protected against transport and handling damage by special packaging. Thanks to our state-of-the-art production facilities, we deliver the BSH ceiling elements in visual qualitywith a sanded surface. Our glulam can be used not only for ceilings, but also as a wall and roof element.

Glulam GLT Ceiling Elements

Glulam GLT specialities

Glulam special components are beams with dimensions that go beyond the standard measurements but also shapes such as pent roof beams, sloped beams with straight bottom cords, curved beams and free shapes. These are available exclusively on request.


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Glulam GLT Ceiling Elements

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