Construction solutions

Single-family house

Wooden houses stand for well-being and a high level of living comfort. The warm wooden surfaces and outstanding properties of the wood substance as a storage for heat and moisture ensure a well-balanced living climate. You can enjoy individually all the countless possibilities of binderholz construction solutions for single-family houses.

A dream residence made of solid wood

No matter whether it's a prefabricated house or a turn-key home, low-energy or plus-energy standard, whether in traditional or modern architecture: Single-family houses can be planned and erected individually with binderholz construction solutions. A great deal of leeway in design and statics is made possible by the combination of binderholz CLT BBS as the load-bearing, stiffening panel material with BSH glulam as supports and beams.

The architecture in the interior can also be designed in a versatile and lively way. It is made possible by the visible wood surfaces of different wood species such as Swiss pine, silver fir or BBS Antique, optionally in combination with color glazes as well as polished or brushed surfaces.