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binderholz pressboard pallets PSP

binderholz pressboard pallets PSP are made from sawdust and reprocessed recycled wood shavings. The glued shavings are pressed into shape under pressure and high temperatures. The result is a dimensionally stable wood product.
In addition to continuous internal testing for quality assurance, the quality of our production process is also regularly monitored by external authorities, to ensure high product quality and compliance with standards. Our pressboard pallets are considered „processed wood“ according to ISPM15. They can therefore be used for worldwide export.
Since our pressboard pallets can be stacked into each other, they take up considerably less space during storage and transport than conventional Euro pallets.

• „Processed wood” according to ISPM15 - suitable for worldwide exports
• Wide range of formats - optimal measurements for a variety of products to be packaged
• No administrative effort - no exchange fees or rental costs
• Low weight - suitable for air and ship cargo
• Stackable in each other - space-saving during storage and transport
• Sustainable - natural raw materials, fully recyclable
• PEFC-certified

binderholz pressed pallet blocks

Our pressed pallet blocks are made from sawdust and reclaimed waste wood shavings. The glued chips are pressed into shape under high pressure and extreme temperatures. The result is a dimensionally stable wood material.
Our range includes both neutral and branded blocks. The latter are offered with three different brandings: EPAL, EUR and UIC with a dot.

• exact dimensions
• high dimensional stability
• hard and sharp edges
• clean, smooth surfaces
• no production-related holes
• visually appealing due to natural wood tone
• short delivery times

One-Stop-Provider for the Packaging Industry

As a full-service provider to the packaging industry, our product range leaves nothing to be desired. From dried, fresh or planed sidings for the production of pallets, heavy goods packaging, cable drums, shipping and wooden boxes to pallet blocks - our product portfolio optimally covers all your needs.

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