Pressed wood

Our pressed wood products are manufactured from sawdust and of pre-treated chippings of recycling wood. Because of the high pressure and immense temperatures, the glued chippings are compression moulded. A wood material results from this that is true to size. Our pressed wood assortment includes pressed pallet blocks and binderholz PSP single-use pallets. Besides continuous internal testing for quality assurance, our production process is regularly monitored by external entities for quality in order to achieve a high product quality and compliance with standards. Our pressed pallet blocks and binderholz PSP pressboard pallets are considered to be “processed wood” according to ISPM15. They can therefore be used for worldwide export.

binderholz PSP pressboard pallets

Where the standardised format of a Euro pallet is not sensible or if it is not possible to exchange a reusable pallet, as is the case especially in export, our binderholz PSP pressboard pallets are the optimal solution. Our product range covers all common formats and thereby offers the optimal dimension for each product to be packaged.

● “Processed wood” according to ISPM15
● Big choice of formats
● No administrative expense (no exchange fees or rental costs)
● Stackable - saves spaces in storage and transport
● Completely reusable
● PEFC-certified

binderholz pressed pallet blocks

Our product range covers both neutral as well as fired blocks for the pallet repair. The latter are offered with the three different penetrations: EPAL, EUR and UIC with dot.

● Exact dimensions
● High strength
● Hard and sharp edges
● Clean, smooth surface
● No production-related hole
● Optically appealing with natural wood colour
● Short delivery time



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