Hotel MalisGarten, Zell am Ziller | Austria

A hotel made entirely of wood. This vision became a reality in the new 5*S Green Spa Hotel MalisGarten in the Zillertal valley. Particular emphasis was placed on the use of local woods and genuine craftsmanship. The natural material wood unfolds all its facets and plays out its countless technical, structural and ecological advantages. If you take the time to go on a journey of discovery in the new wellness hotel, you will quickly find that the modern building material sets no limits.

5*S Green Spa-Hotel MalisGarten © ZillerSeasons
Stylishly furnished lobby © ZillerSeasons
Suite Achillea with herringbone parquet floor © ZillerSeasons
Outdoor pool © ZillerSeasons
Bar and Patisserie Eden © ZillerSeasons
View from the terrace in the spa area © ZillerSeasons


Project New construction of 5*S Green Spa-Hotel MalisGarten
Location Zell am Ziller, Austria
Construction 2019 - 2020
Builder Family Binder-Egger | ZillerSeasons
Architecture Matteo Thun Milano, Meissl Architects 
Statics Binderholz Bausysteme GmbH
Support structure planning tragwerkspartner zt gmbh  
Wood construction Holzbau Schweinberger GmbH
Material use binderholz CLT BBS, glulam GLT, 3 layer solid wood panels and profiled timber

Premium architecture based on local materials

Hotel MalisGarten consists of solid wood products from the floor slab to the roof. binderholz CLT BBS as well as glulam and made of spruce and larch were used for the entire supporting structure. Even the stairwells and lift shafts are made of solid wood. In the decorative sector, binderholz solid wood panels and profiled wood from native trees such as pine, nut, steamed spruce, larch and white fir were used. The doors, furniture and parquet floors made of walnut and oak wood all originate from Austrian producers.

MalisGarten bears the signature of the Italian star architect Matteo Thun. "Wood is the only material I know of that combines aesthetics and technical durability." He especially appreciates the versatility of the material, which is being used for floors, walls, ceilings, façades and pieces of furniture. Located in the town centre of Zell am Ziller, the green, wooden exterior façade stands out. The front of the hotel blends in with its garden, creating a natural oasis in the middle of the village. Upon entering the spacious lobby, which is of course decorated in wood, guests are offered a foretaste of what awaits them in the rooms and suites. The six different room categories in MalisGarten are named after the six favourite herbs of the landlady Christina Binder-Egger. All 35 rooms have one thing in common - a pleasant, warm atmosphere and the animating scent of wood. At the back of the hotel is a 2,000 m² garden with relaxation areas, a fruit and herb garden and a large outdoor pool that stretches into the indoor space. There, profiled woods form the walls and ceilings, giving the impression of a wellness landscape in the middle of the forest. Harmoniously coordinated colours, elegant fabrics and a high-quality interior complete the design concept of the entire Green Spa Hotel.

Stylishly furnished lobby © ZillerSeasons
Ceiling in the pool area made of profile wood © ZillerSeasons
Spa area with visible profiled wood © ZillerSeasons

The first hotel built entirely of solid wood in building class 5

Binderholz Bausysteme GmbH  and its sales, service and engineering departments were responsible for the entire timber construction planning and processing. This included static pre-assessment, work preparation and project planning of the construction project.

MalisGarten is the first 5-storey hotel made entirely of solid wood, including stairwells and lift shafts, in building class 5. The requirements for fire protection in buildings are imposed according to building classes. The classification into building classes 1-5 depends on the accessibility, height and floor area of the building. The higher the class of the building, the higher the requirements for fire protection and fire resistance.

Christian Schretthauser was responsible for fire protection management - "From a fire protection point of view, the challenge lay in the execution of a complete solid wood construction in building class 5. The elevator shafts and the stairwell were also built in wooden construction using CLT BBS and placed special demands on fire protection. By encapsulating these components, it was possible to achieve the required level of protection. An important component in the implementation of the client's wishes was the flexibility of the trades in their cooperation as well as the professionalism of the planning team."

“The building owner’s consistent willingness to use wood as a building material made it possible to build the entire above-ground construction of the project with wood. Thus, all struts, walls and ceilings as well as the stairwells, lift shafts and the extensive balconies were realised in solid wood construction. Thanks to the intensive and trusting cooperation of the architects, the structural designers, the wood construction company and other specialist planners, the short planning and construction time could also be met for this demanding project,” explains structural designer Conrad Brinkmeier from tragwerkspartnerzt GmbH in Innsbruck.

Solid wood - the star among building materials

By using the various solid wood products in combination with a sophisticated heating and cooling concept using geothermal energy and pellet heating, MalisGarten is one of the most sustainable hotels in the Zillertal valley. In the construction sector, wood, with its technical, physical, economic and ecological advantages, beats any other building material. This starts with the significantly shorter construction time, a larger net usable area due to leaner constructions, lower energy costs due to the natural insulation properties and continues in the CO2 balance sheet. In the Hotel MalisGarten, more than 1,500 tons of CO2 are stored in the solid wood elements in the long term. The solid wood can be mounted noise-free and dust-free and, furthermore, impresses with its natural properties. Apart from the comfort and warmth, woods such as fir, spruce or pine have a calming effect on the mind and body, lower the heart rate and promote a healthy sleep. For the Green Spa Hotel MalisGarten, wood is the perfect material in every respect.

Visible solid wood on the walls and ceilings in the Suite Lavandula © ZillerSeasons

Unforgettable holiday in ZillerSeasons

The new 5*S Green Spa Hotel MalisGarten with its gourmet restaurant HeLeni, the restaurant Wilde Kräuterküche as well as the Bar and Patisserie Eden is part of the brand ZillerSeasons. This brand is already represented by the 5* Boutique Hotel  DasPosthotel, the Luxury Chalet Resort  HochLeger, the ZillerLodge and the gourmet restaurant DieMarie. The concept of ZillerSeasons makes it clear that the topics of sustainability, resource conservation and regionality are of great concern to the host family Binder-Egger. It came natural to them to use the valuable, natural material wood for the latest hotel. "Since there have been humans of Earth, wood has been used for construction. Historically, wood was the first real building material," says Reinhard Binder.

Photos: © ZillerSeasons, binderholz

Pool area of MalisGarten © ZillerSeasons
Bar and Patisserie Eden © ZillerSeasons
Exterior façade of the Hotel MalisGarten in Zell am Ziller © ZillerSeasons
Wall of bars and special dumbbell set in Suite Achillea © ZillerSeasons
Relaxation area in the Herbarium Spa © ZillerSeasons
Swiss Pine Room of the gourmet restaurant HeLeni © ZillerSeasons
Gute Stube Bellis © ZillerSeasons
5*S Green Spa-Hotel MalisGarten © ZillerSeasons
Spa area with visible profiled wood © ZillerSeasons
Visible solid wood panels in the sauna © ZillerSeasons
Spa area © ZillerSeasons
Façade detail © binderholz
High-quality furnished suites © ZillerSeasons
Outdoor pool © ZillerSeasons
Walls and ceilings made of binderholz solid wood panels in Suite Achillea © ZillerSeasons
Stylish decoration in Bar Eden © ZillerSeasons
Austrian craftsmanship © ZillerSeasons
Cosy seating options in the outdoor area © ZillerSeasons
Façade of CLT BBS of larch and profiled wood © ZillerSeasons
Assembly of binderholz CLT BBS elements © binderholz
Construction phase © binderholz
Stairway completely made of binderholz CLT BBS © binderholz
Assembly of solid wood elements © binderholz
Assembly of CLT BBS elements © binderholz
Assembly of walls made of binderholz CLT BBS © binderholz
Construction phase © binderholz
Glulam GLT supports © binderholz
Construction phase © binderholz