Hotel Watles, Mals im Vinschgau | Italy

The hotel property is located in the heart of the Watles ski region, at an altitude of 1720 metres above sea level. The construction period was completed precisely on schedule to the day through exact planning and consultation with all trades involved in the building work. The entire construction period including the demolition of the old brickwork took a total of only seven weeks.
Demolition work began on 9 April 2015 and the final work was completed on 20 May 2015. The opening ceremony was held as planned on 28 May 2015.

Hotel Watles, Mals im Vinschgau


Project Addition of extra floors and modernisation
Place Mals, Italy
Year of construction 2015
Client Ziernheld family
Execution of timber construction Zimmerei Fleischmann A. & Co OHG

The Construction Work

The client was very impressed by the speed of the build. The multi-storey hotel was completely modernised in just seven weeks. The shell of the building was completed within a few days. Subsequent changes could be undertaken quickly and simply thanks to the use of binderholz CLT BBS. Unlike with conventional construction methods, this project cost the same but took less than half the comparable construction time.

Further benefits of solid timber construction include:
No drying time:

· Immediately possible to fit out the rooms and have guests move in
· The hotelier can rent out the rooms more quickly again
Prefabricated elements:
· Fast, perfectly fitting construction

The Design

The removal of the roof and a further 2 ½ floors made space for additional 20 new rooms for the hotel. The new bedrooms have a U value of 0.175 w/m²K, thanks to the use of BBS elements combined with appropriate insulation in the roof and external walls.

Photos: ©Zimmerei Fleischmann

Hotel Watles, Mals im Vinschgau | Italien
Abbrucharbeiten vom Bestand
Montage der BBS Elemente
3D-Renderings der Hotelaufstockung
3D-Renderings der Hotelaufstockung
Montage der BBS Elemente
Montage der BBS Elemente