Flesberg school, Flesberg | Norway

Flesberg school in Norway was built using 1,500 m3 of binderholz CLT BBS and 400 m3 of binderholz glulam. The outcome is a modern, environmentally friendly building with an exceptional feel-well factor which also houses a gymnasium and indoor pool. Wooden materials are the central element of the primary and secondary school situated at the edge of a forest.


Project School building, gymnasium and indoor pool
Place Flesberg, Lampeland, Norway
Completion 2019
Client Community of Flesberg
Architecture SPINN Arkitekter
Construction company Backe Stor-Oslo AS
Landscape architecture Norconsult
Material use 1,500 m3 of binderholz CLT BBS, 400 m3 of binderholz glulam

Environmentally friendly and innovative

The educational facility is located west of Oslo and offers innovative solutions that set new standards for school buildings. This allows its roughly 450 students to spend their days at school in a sophisticated learning environment.

Boasting a floor space of 9,200 m2, the school was built from solid wood, with binderholz being responsible for structural calculations, coordination and the implementation of various trades such as electrical, HVAC etc. while also taking care of execution modelling, assembly plans as well as fastening material calculation and supply. Additionally, it executed the assembly of the entire timber construction including all fasteners.

The indoor pool's excess heat is being reused by means of a heat exchanger. Moreover, the entire campus ventilation is taken care of by a hybrid ventilation system.

The heart of the school

From afar, the school clad in wood gives off a playful air, emphasised by the fact that it changes depending on the viewing direction. It consists of five sections which are connected by different means and equipped with large windows and glass areas. Inside, two of the buildings house the classrooms spread across several floors, while the indoor pool and the gymnasium are located in a different wing.

The passive house's heart is a central room surrounded by four additional sections. This free-standing multi-amphitheatre serves as main staircase, library, play area, central information hub and joint lunchroom. Furthermore, it houses the technical training rooms and is supplemented by various regional culture and sports offerings.

Photos: © SPINN Arkitekter © binderholz
Renderings: © binderholz