New Motto Brochures

Numerous advantages and application examples of our solid wood products, presented in a variety of brochures:

In the new motto brochures, we present a selection of different construction solutions that have been implemented with our solid wood products. From exceptional single-family houses to important public facilities all over the world to large-scale commercial and industrial buildings. A combination of solid wood products - CLT BBS, glulam and solid wood panels - were used to a large degree. Solid wood is natural, beautiful and cosy and proves itself to be a modern building material in technical and economic aspects. We have also summarised all advantages clearly and compactly.

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Solid timber is natural, beautiful and cosy
A dream residence made of solid wood | Single-family house
A city made of wood | Public and municipal
Economic and sustainable at the same time | Commercial and industrial buildings
Versatile use | binderholz solid wood panels

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