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binderholz thermo pine

Those who prefer domestic over tropical wood species while valuing durability and aesthetic will find everything they‘re looking for in our thermo pine. Thermal modifications using heat and steam change the wood’s physical and chemical properties. It becomes weather-resistant and more dimensionally stable. And all of that without the use of chemicals.

- Terraces
- Privacy fences and covers
- Exterior areas without constant contact with soil or water
- Structurally protected exterior areas

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binderholz thermal pine facade system

The first thing people notice on a building is its façade, highlighting its entire style. The R3D system allows for creative and individual architecture with countless variation options and a unique personality. Base profiles, surfaces and profile thicknesses can be combined to a three-dimensional image. Large areas become vivid, partially covered areas are lent a multi-faceted interrelation.

R3D System
- Three profiles that can be combined variably
- Vertical laying
- Available in various surface designs and colours
- Perfectly combined with Nordic Thermal Pine

Nordic Thermal Pine
- Dimensionally stable, light, durability class 2
- Does without harmful chemicals, resource-friendly, no washing out or evaporation of harmful substances
- Coarse knots, high contrast and resin free
- Wood protection down to the core
- Disposal/recycling like untreated wood

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