Glulam GLT Ceiling Elements

Now also with sanded surface

Due to the high degree of prefabrication, our glulam GLT ceiling elements can be laid in the shortest possible time to immediately walkable raw ceilings. The underside of the ceiling elements can also be manufactured in visible quality on request. Thanks to our state-of-the-art production facilities, the elements are now also available with a sanded surface. In order to prevent transport and handling damage, the prefabricated elements are optimally protected with special packaging. Glulam GLT can be used not only for ceilings, but also as a wall and roof element. In addition to our standard profile variants with the dimensions of 20 mm folding depth x 45 mm folding width, we can offer the new profile variants in the dimensions of 20 mm folding depth x 56 mm folding width. On request, matching 3-layer solid wood connection boards with the dimensions of 19 x 110 mm can be supplied. Price on request. Starting in the summer, a new online machining system will allow us to optimise delivery times after the release of a single-sheet drawing.

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