'Quellhof' Private Equestrian Centre
Wiesing | Austria


Project Private Equestrian
consistingof an indoor
riding arena and stable wing

with adjoining house
Place Wiesing, Austria
Year of construction 2018

Holzbau Schweinberger GmbH
Statics FS1 Fiedler Stöffler
Ziviltechniker GmbH
Support structure planning
Binderholz Bausysteme GmbH
350 m³ glulam and
300 m³ CLT BBS

A private equestrian centre, consisting of a stable wing, an indoor riding arena and a private house, was completed in 2018 in the heart of the idyllic Tyrolean mountains. The buildings are characterised by their clean, linear architecture and excellent functionality and were privately designed. A total of 350 m³ glulam and 300 m³ CLT BBS was used on the construction.





The indoor riding arena measures 25 metres wide and 60 metres long (standard dressage dimensions). It was designed to be open, in the form of a covered riding arena, hence nothing stands in the way of equestrian training in the fresh air with magnificent views – at any time of year. 30-metre long saddle roof trusses were used to achieve this effect. These elements were produced in what is currently the largest glulam factory worldwide, the glulam factory in Jenbach only 5 km away.

These elements are extremely stable and their beautiful curve creates an attractive overall appearance. Unlike with many other equestrian sports facilities, the stable wing is intelligently connected directly to the riding arena. A contemporary roller shutter with automatic drive has been integrated in place of a conventional sliding door, meaning that it is therefore possible to enter the riding arena without becoming wet, regardless of the weather.

Naturally the new building provides optimum accommodation for the horses. The entire outer shell of the stable wing consists of 10 cm thick untreated binderholz CLT BBS. The use of this material guarantees an excellent indoor climate in the stable throughout the year, promoting the horses’ good health. The stable wing itself measures 22 x 55 metres and offers space for a total of 8 horses.

Natural CLT BBS elements have also been fitted in the boxes and in the functional area (saddle, washing and harnessing zone). The stable building also houses a flee-floating oval guide system measuring 15 x 30 metres, a spacious feed and manure store as well as a carport for all the farm machinery. The boxes are spacious and each one features additional outdoor space – paddocks – partially covered, in which the horses can move freely.

The optimum position of the house at the eastern end of the stable means that there is a direct connection here too. The one-storey house without a basement boasts 235 m² of living space and is constructed throughout in visible quality binderholz CLT BBS. A simple stone façade has been added to the exterior façade of the building. The interplay of the natural stone and white-varnished wooden surfaces creates a timeless natural appearance. The surfaces are well protected by the cantilevered canopy, a design detail that favourably obviates the need for sun shading.

The heat requirement is minimal due to the house’s optimum insulation values. In winter the underfloor heating system is operated by a CO2-neutral pellet heating system, fitted by binderholz biofuels. In summer, the CLT BBS used automatically generates a pleasant indoor climate. 
A further feature of the building is the fact that the horses can be seen from the entire living space. Thanks to the combination of timber and subtle stone façade, the equestrian centre blends harmoniously with its natural surroundings.

Ready to occupy within 3 months

As the riding arena and stable wing were built entirely out of solid wood, both buildings were ready to occupy within 3 months. The CLT BBS elements of the house were assembled in 2 days. The entire house was also completed in 3 months. Yet further proof that the use of solid wood is both sustainable and also extremely time-saving compared to conventional construction materials.

Photos: ©binderholz

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