Softwood lumber

Strength graded structural softwood lumber

Softwood lumber is used in all areas of construction. Its characteristics, which include many possible uses, an excellent strength-weight ratio and easy machinability, have been specially valued in the area of building and construction through the years.

Market share of wood frame mode of construction:
USA 90 %
Japan 55 %
Austria 33 %
UK 25 %

can be used without re-working on site
accurate cut to length/precision end trimmed
main lengths: 4.0 m / 4.8 m (16‘) / 5.0 m / 5.1 m
stud lengths: 2.1 m - 2.7 m (7 - 9‘)
length increments 30 cm / 12“
kiln dried
sawn or surfaced
planed four sides with or without eased edges

Product range

· sawn and planed boards (19 / 22 mm)
· US dimension lumber graded according to WCLB grading rules (2“ x 3 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12“)
· CLS (38 mm x 63 / 89 / 140 / 184 / 235 / 286 mm)
· sawn and planed carcassing (ex 47 / 75 mm x 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 / 200 / 225 mm nominal sizes)

Raw material

85 % spruce
15 % pine, larch and douglas fir
Only processed round timber from sustainable sources are used.


rail connection in the mill
modern truck fleet
container loading facilities at the mill
break bulk loading at Mediterranean and North Sea ports
large warehousing
short delivery times


Strength graded structural softwood lumber brochure

Binderholz Deutschland, Hobelware, Fichte
binderholz GmbH, Hobelhalle, Maschine, Logistik

Products for the US-market

The state of the art production facilities of the binderholz mill in Germany combined with the central European high quality raw material provides consistently highest class products with excellent properties regarding to strength and appearance, and a light to no wane specification.

Dimension lumber #2 spruce

* ungraded/unstamped
º trim back length

Dimension Lumber in standard sizes (random length)
Studs in high accurate length trims (PET)
Kiln dried and certified heat treatment
N. Spruce from sustainable managed forestry in Germany

Boards/stripes 2 com spruce/pine

* ungraded/unstamped
º trim back length

Specialities T&G spruce/pine

º trim back length

Deckings/squares pine

º trim back length

Kiln dried and certified heat treatment
N. Spruce / Sc. Pine from sustainable forestry in Germany


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