Volume increase and expansion of setting capacity in binderholz cross laminated timber CLT BBS production completed

Capacity increase at Burgbernheim site thanks to new CLT BBS plant II

At the binderholz site Burgbernheim in Germany, the construction of the new binderholz cross laminated timber CLT BBS plant II has been completed. Plant II was established through the redesign of the machine park on the basis of Industry 4.0 and this results in numerous forward-looking advantages for our customers. This includes above all the very high flexibility without limiting the production of CLT BBS elements in lot size 1.

The new binderholz CLT BBS plant uses a continuously digitized and fully automated production system, which enables a future-oriented production of all proven CLT BBS XL elements. The cutting of the CLT BBS elements with optional top layers made of 1-layer plates is highly automated and performed according to individual customer request. Grinding on both sides across and along the CLT BBS element, of course always in the fibre direction, results in best optic qualities.

Since 2006, binderholz has been continuously expanding its CLT BBS production and cutting capacities. The two CLT BBS plants Unternberg (Austria) and Burgbernheim (Germany) currently have an annual capacity of 320,000 m3 CLT BBS combined with exceptionally high setting capacities according to the latest state of the art. This makes us the largest cross laminated timber producer in the world.

binderholz will continue to take account of the growth in cross laminated timber CLT BBS demand through appropriate investments in order to ensure that it can serve the global market with sufficient production capacity, short delivery times and the proven market-oriented service and labour offerings.

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