Together with Hilti, binderholz is set to close the "gap" in structural fire protection

In new constructions, wood is increasingly used for multi-storey residential and commercial buildings. During renovations and extensions, builders often come across old wood-beamed ceilings. These cases pose problems for planners, fire safety experts and building owners, as there are few tested and approved fire protection systems available.

With more than 30 years of experience in the development, testing and approval of structural fire protection products, Hilti is now closing this gap in collaboration with binderholz. Hilti’s portfolio of fire protection products has been independently tested in various wood substrates and confirmed in its performance by external reports and expert opinions.

Fire protection in timber construction requires timely planning of the fire protection concept, including the involvement of all relevant planners, the selection of suitable fire protection solutions and the documentation of the professional installation.

Hilti supports timber construction with fire protection solutions that have been established in classic solid wood construction for years. The planning process can be facilitated by Europe-wide approvals, evidence from independent testing institutes and technical consultants. A further productivity gain is achieved through prefabricated fire protection and documentation solutions that enable an industrial manufacturing process.

binderholz and Hilti have carried out a variety of fire resistance tests to enable passive fire protection in binderholz CLT BBS. Clever details now enable fire penetration sealing of building technology such as sewage pipes and electrical ducts, without loafing and in dry and productive way, and ensure structural fire protection.

Hilti offers penetration sealing solutions for applications in visible wood (without additional planking) for fire retardant (30 minutes), highly fire retardant (60 minutes) and fire-resistant (90 minutes) executions. The designs are based on fire resistance tests at the Institut für Brandschutztechnik und Sicherheitsforschung (IBS, Institute for Fire Protection Technology and Safety Research), Linz. For fire-resistant applications (90 minutes) there is also evidence with additional planking. These variants were carried out at the MFPA Leipzig. The results are summarised in expert opinions.

Plan your fire protection together with binderholz and Hilti: Our specialists are there for you throughout the first draft, the detailed planning, the obtaining of a building permit to the implementation and construction approval.

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