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Ever since the government program entitled "Building the school for the future" (BSF), timber construction has been all the rage in the United Kingdom. The latest manifestation of this trend in residential construction is a truly "major" symbol in the cosmopolitan city of London. binderholz Group supplied the material for the highest and now also the largest timber construction project in this city.

The highest building in the United Kingdom: Wenlock Road
Hawkins/Brown architectural office was commissioned by Regal Homes with the task of designing the highest skyscraper built in steel & CLT hybrid construction in all of Europe. The X-LAM Alliance, a partnership between B & K Structures and binderholz in the United Kingdom (, created the basic conceptual design for this hybrid construction, provided the solid wood and steel construction and implemented the entire assembly of the project. With this 10-floor residential building in Wenlock Road with 6,750 m² of floor space, Regal Homes has successfully realized a competitive alternative for high-rise residential projects in binderholz CLT BBS construction.

The largest timber construction project in the world at present: Dalston Lane
121 apartments on 12,500 m² of floor space and a further 3,500 m² of commercial space are being developed in the London district of Hackney: the largest solid wood construction worldwide at the moment. 4,500 m³ of binderholz CLT BBS are being installed on 9 floors (grand total: 10 floors). The renowned London architect Andrew Waugh describes the cross-laminated timber used as the solid building material of the future. He explained that this project can be implemented in half the construction time normally needed, at the same cost and with renewable resources compared to other building materials currently in use in London.
A detailed description of the Dalston Lane project will follow upon its completion in the summer of 2016.

Photos: © Regal Homes

Dalston Lane

Dalston Lane, inner courtyard

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