Sweden's tallest wooden office building

From idea to reality

How do we create Sweden's tallest office building in wood? Fyrtornet in Malmö will be completed in 2024, with 11 floors, and is one of seven buildings in the sustainable district Embassy of Sharing in Malmö. It was built with around 1,030 m³ of binderholz glulam and 1,640 m³ of binderholz CLT BBS. The timber construction will be visible for the most part. A double-glazed facade with integrated solar cells, green conservatories and a roof terrace complete the project.

In addition to supplying the materials, our b_project Team also significantly contributed to the calculation and implementation of its structure and design. The steel components calculated by our team were already installed in the factory for a perfect assembly process. It used a model to study the building's movements during wind tunnel tests, including wind-induced acceleration at the top of the building. A structural wind load study was also conducted.

Fyrtornet becomes a reality thanks to a close collaboration between the property developer Granitor Properties, Wingårdh architects, binderholz, and the construction company Otto Magnusson. Multiple skills are needed to create this building - we work Together to get there.

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