Pictures say more than a thousand words

From the trunk to innovative wood products!

We are now also making and editing short videos for YouTube, Facebook etc. to give you a better impression of binderholz as a company and the work we do. In so doing, we are trying to make the videos as varied as possible: alongside all our product videos and our image video, you can now also see the latest documentaries on buildings, videos showing our products being transported and a whole host of other exciting events and topics. For instance, there is one showing the transport of 32.5 metre long fish bellied beams, the construction of 40 apartments in the centre of Munich or our latest Facebook video which has already reached over 300,000 users in Germany and abroad in just a few days.
Naturally we are also shooting the videos at our sites – as we did recently at Klenk Holz: We have now also shot two completely new videos in addition to our binderholz corporate image and product series. One presents the DIY Sales department and a second one is a product video about pressboard pallets and blocks. Apart from shooting in our factory, videos have also been shot in a DIY store to give you a more in-depth insight.
All the finished films will be immediately published on our YouTube channel and then put on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to ensure that all followers always stay up to date. Check out our YouTube channel if you are also interested in our videos.

From the trunk to innovative wood product
Transport of 32.5-metre long fish bellied beams
40 apartments in the centre of Munich

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