Non-revealing fire barriers with Hilti solutions

Extensive fire resistance tests performed on CLT BBS elements

To prevent fires in buildings, it is not enough to know the fire resistance duration of the respective components. The interaction of the interconnected components must also be taken into account, i.e. the fire behaviour of the connections and installations. The onward transmission of the fire and the flue gases through cavities and joints must be prevented.

Existing fire protection solutions for Hilti cables and pipes in combination with the type of wooden construction made from binderholz cross laminated timber CLT BBS have been proven to guarantee safe insulation against fire, smoke and heat. binderholz and Hilti have carried out extensive fire resistance tests (30, 60 and 90 minutes) in CLT BBS ceiling elements. The tests are based on long-proven fire protection solutions with the fire protection cable cuff CFS-CC and the fire protection cuff Endlos CFS-C EL by Hilti.

The Hilti fire protection cable cuff CFS-CC provides a simple and clean solution for cable entry in walls and ceilings. The cable cuff consists of two semicircular elements made of a material that is intumescent in the event of a fire and is surrounded by a metal housing.

The fire protection cuff Endlos CFS-C EL enables flexible solutions for fire protection partitions in wastewater pipes, drinking water pipes, industrial and heating pipes, tube mail systems and in non-standard situations. The stainless steel mesh case is equipped with a measuring scale and can be individually adjusted for each pipe diameter.

Hilti and binderholz are happy to assist you with detailed planning.

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