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The binderholz soundproofing calculator is a calculation program for the prediction of airborne sound insulation between rooms with vertical sound transmission, as well as the evaluation of the impact sound.

The calculation of sound insulation is carried out on the basis of the calculation methods presented in DIN 4109-2:2016-07 with components data as listed in parts 32, 33, 34 and 35, or, for solid wood constructions, according to the new process based on DIN EN ISO 12354. The basis in both cases is the European calculation model of DIN EN ISO 12354, which has now been incorporated into the German sound insulation standard DIN 4109:2016.
There, the individual sound transmission paths (especially via the flanking components) are recorded more precisely than with the previous method.
Compared to the previous method, however, this means an increased computing effort, which you can handle quickly, transparently and comprehensibly with the binderholz soundproofing calculator.
Each transmission path involved in the sound transmission is presented in detail. Thus, the proportion of each transmission path or individual component in the total sound transmission can be determined. In the planning, weak points in the sound transmission are detected and can thus be avoided. Furthermore, the calculation of individual transmission paths enables the planning and dimensioning of improvement measures with regard to sound insulation.

The binderholz soundproofing calculator is available free of charge on our website:

Further information can be found in our binderholz soundproofing calculator user manual: binderholz Schallschutz-Rechner Bedienungsanleitung

The binderholz soundproofing calculator is currently only available in German.

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