Modernisation and increase in production at the Jenbach glulam plant

After the successful putting into operation and the increase of the performance curve of Plant 3 in 2017, in which the principles of Industry 4.0 were fully implemented, the template for the modernisation of Plant 1 was given.

The first step was the installation of a second high-frequency press, and the entire planing line with a patching station for quality defects and a packaging station was expanded and the equipment was replaced with devices of the latest generation. A master computer now controls the entire system from the finger-joint plant to finished packages, even of single pieces (batch size 1).

In addition to the new planing machine, a grinding machine for ceiling elements is now also available, which can be used for manufacturing high-quality surfaces that can be further refined by the customers. The underside can also be produced in visible quality on request. In addition, we can also offer a new rebate with connection boards from 3-layer solid wood panels. Likewise, all ceiling profiles can be manufactured as single pieces (batch size 1). For each component, the master computer transfers more than 60 necessary parameters to the planing machine which then performs the positioning and planing independently within a few seconds. The fully automatic packaging line with a vacuum crane prepares the packages for the customers. These are then checked, packed and handed over to the automatic shipping warehouse by an employee.

Each component for the cutting system is automatically detected and processed immediately. The maximum dimensions of the components, which can be machined fully automatically, are 280 x 1300 x 18500 mm and the maximum weight is 3.1 t. The turnaround time for cleanly machined parts is no longer than for standard BSH. The basis for this is a machine-ready machining file, which facilitates the optimisation of delivery times.

As a result of the modernisation, the performance curve of Plant 1 increased by 15% and productivity improved by up to 40%, despite requirements to produce single pieces (batch size 1) and bespoke packages for individual customers, with the corresponding adjustments to assembly lines. With that, Jenbach is the first manufacturing site for BSH worldwide to exceed the 300,000 m3 mark.

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