GPS tracking

Timely tracking of our solid wood products

The binderholz.information.system B.I.S was developed to improve service quality and optimise logistics processes. This information system makes it possible to automatically announce and track the exact arrival time of cargoes, which are usually delivered directly to construction sites or for construction projects according to set deadlines.

The system was developed in-house at binderholz by the departments Sales, IT and Logistics. The objective was that the arrival time of the cross-laminated timber and glulam loads could be calculated in real time and transmitted to the project participants. The required binderholz / tour details are filtered and processed by project partner STYLETRONIC, a leading company in the field of telematics and GPS tracking. The arrival times are calculated continuously according to the current location of the binderholz solid wood loads. The results are transferred directly to the in-house system ‘BBS- and BSH Manager’ and can be transmitted to the project participants. GPS tracking modules from STYLETRONIC are directly installed in the vehicles of the fleet owned by binderholz. This results in major advantages in electronic communication between logistics and drivers. All data can be transmitted directly to the terminal in the driver’s cabin to assist with deployment and tour planning.

Massivholz-Ladungen © binderholz
Ein Mitarbeiter verfolgt die Massivholz-Ladungen © binderholz
Brettschichtholz-Ladung © binderholz

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