First USA Break Bulk Deliveries for CLT BBS and glulam

In the case of lumber deliveries from binderholz plants to overseas destinations, which has already become common practice, we have now succeeded in delivering the first CLT BBS project directly to the port of Cleveland via break bulk from the production plants in Austria and Germany. In order to be able to demonstrate the most positive life-cycle assessment possible, we carried out the supply from the CLT BBS plants to the loading port by means of rail transport.

The first interim balance for the 3,000m3 CLT BBS already shipped give us the confidence to be able to operate even more ecologically, economically and faster with our solid wood products CLT BBS and glulam in the USA and Canada. The network of ports and local hauliers, which has already been well established by binderholz Timber Inc., forms a solid basis for handling the last kilometres by land.

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