Sege Park Multi-Storey Car Park, Malmö | Sweden

Sege Park in Malmö is Sweden's largest multi-storey car park made from solid wood. At 18,000 m² of floor area and six stories it provides space for 600 cars, a bicycle garage and a mobility pool. It was built using 1,000 m³ of binderholz glulam and 3,850 m³ of binderholz CLT BBS elements, which will sequester some 5,000 tons of carbon in the long term. The elevator shafts and staircases are also made of solid wood.


Project New wooden multi-storey car park
Location Malmö, Sweden
Completion November 2022
Client Parkering Malmö
Architecture Lloyd's Arkitektkontor AB
Superstructure design Tyréns AB
Material use 3,850 m³ of binderholz CLT BBS, 1,000 m³ of binderholz gulam

Car parks with a wooden superstructure are still a rarity. A stunning example of such a building, the Sege Park multi-storey car park was now completed after some two years of construction. It was officially dedicated on 22 November 2022. It had already been opened for use on 1 November. The car park is supposed to become a climate-friendly mobility hub and a model for future car parks.

Its timber frame is made of binderholz glulam and ceiling elements made of binderholz CLT BBS in visual quality. The elevator shafts and staircases are also made of solid wood. The use of materials that can later be recycled reduces the building's environmental impact.

Many unique and sustainable solutions

Apart from its extraordinary timber construction, the building offers many unique solutions to make it maximally climate-friendly. A specially developed system uses rainwater from the roof and the adjacent street to irrigate the greened walls that cover the 17-m-tall façade. A solar power system generates electricity that is then stored in batteries. This electricity can then be used at 120 spots with electric charging connection. A specially developed ramp system with a metal grid structure allows for dirt and water to be caught. This makes it easier to keep the parking spots clean.

Moreover, the car park was designed in such a way that it can be converted easily and flexibly and that the material can thus be reused.

“Demand for parking spots can change quickly once new mobility solutions are launched. By using circular thinking, we get a flexible building that can become a future material bank where the material can be easily reused,” said Almir Hodzic, CEO of Parkering Malmö.

Rail transport

As binderholz invests in sustainability and green transport methods, the required solid wood elements for the car park were delivered from our plants to Malmö by rail. This made it possible to move a large number of truck loads onto trains.

Our one-stop-shop project offerings provide crucial added value

Our binderholz Project Department was commissioned with design, supply and assembly of this extraordinary car park.

The binderholz Project Team provides support with structural calculations, detail drawings and installation plans as well as production and delivery of all solid wood construction elements, including suitable fasteners.  Thus, our clients receive everything from a single source and have a single contact person for all concerns. Our project services are complemented by the assembly of your solid wood shell by our competent and experienced assembly partners.


Photos: © Parkering Malmö © binderholz
Renderings: © Lloyd's Arkitektkontor AB © binderholz
Video: © Parkering Malmö