Nursing home, Fügen | Austria

The extension and roof conversion of the nursing home transforms the existing property to a U-shaped building that opens out to the Ziller Valley. The positioning of the extension creates an ensemble that provides an optimum solution to meet the needs of the building at each stage of the building process - both functionally as well as in terms of town planning. The extension provides usable outdoor space (therapy courtyard and garden) and views and outlooks that improve the spatial quality of the home. A complete attic floor is being added to the nursing home that will enhance the volume of the existing nursing home, taking into consideration the existing volume. The ground floor accommodates the offices of the Sozial- und Gesundheitssprengel Vorderes Zillertal (Social and Health District), a community room, space for daycare facilities and apartments. The basement features parking spaces, storage space for the Sozial- und Gesundheitssprengel Vorderes Zillertal (Social and Health District) and the building's plant room. The first and second floors house apartments, the excellent quality of which encourages the residents to spend time in them.



Project Extension and roof conversion of a nursing home
Place Fügen, Austria   
Year of construction 2015
Architecture Christian Öller CO-ARCHITEKTUR
Statics tragwerkspartner zt gmbh
Execution of the timber construction Freisinger Holzbau GmbH
Client Altenheimverband Vorderes Zillertal


· 15 residential units for "assisted living" ranging from 45 to 53 m²
· Gross floor area 1,960 m², usable floor area 1,660 m²
· Office and storage space for the "Lower Ziller Valley Social and Health District"
· Daycare facilities for eight people in need of care; this facility is adjacent to the Social and Health District premises and is also run by it
· Underground parking for 23 cars

The materials of the new building markedly stand out from the old building, with the uniform roof (metal roof and metal façade) creating a homogeneous appearance, at the same time creating a new entity with the existing building.

Owing to the short construction time and the ongoing business of the care home, the new building (attic floor and parts of the 2nd floor) was built in solid wood, using visible quality binderholz CLT BBS. These elements are used as structural elements and also have an interior design function.

The visible interior surface of the CLT BBS elements on the roof pitch and external walls highlights the structural form of the building from inside as well. The wooden undersides of the roof and wall surfaces create a warm contrast to the white painted interior walls and define the interior space.

Photos: © Christian Öller CO-ARCHITEKTUR, tragwerkspartner zt gmbh