Kindergarten, Neubiberg | Germany

For some time there was consideration about what was to happen to the St. Christophorus Kindergarten in the community of Neubiberg. Many options were considered and discussed: refurbishment, new build or even ultimate closure of the oldest kindergarten in the community. Ultimately it was decided to demolish and rebuild the building, as renovation would have been comparatively expensive. The new building was consciously located on the same site to maintain the existing trees. 

Kindergarten, Neubiberg
Kindergarten, Neubiberg
Kindergarten, Neubiberg
Kindergarten, Neubiberg


Project New St. Christophorus Kindergarten
Place Neubiberg, Germany
Year of construction 2016
Client Neubiberg municipality
Architecture Hirner&Riehl Architekten, Munich
Execution Eder Holzbau GmbH, Bad Feilnbach
BBS use 130 m3binderholz CLT BBS in residential visible and non-visible quality

The old building was demolished in March 2015. The project, costing almost €2.4 million, involves a modern single-storey solid timber construction daycare centre for a total of two daycare groups. All the walls were manufactured from a total of 70 m³ of binderholz CLT BBS, visible quality. The roof and the ceilings are made of 62 m³ of non-visible quality binderholz CLT BBS. The children were looked after in an interim building during the construction phase. 

The Munich-based architecture firm Hirner & Riehl designed the new building to be somewhat larger than the existing building. The external borders were retained. The administration and service rooms, as well as the multi-purpose room are located in the western half of the building. By contrast, the eastern half of the solid timber construction accommodates the group rooms for the two daycare groups, wash room and ancillary rooms and two intensive rooms, in which the pre-school children, for instance, can learn in peace and quiet. Up to now, there has only been a common room for both groups. 

The building was designed with a flat roof, which in turn underlines its modernity. The entrance area featured a generous roof area to provide a stress-free and pleasant arrival even in inclement weather. The kindergarten was painted red on the entrance side, which was intended to remind people of the clinker colour of the old building that dated back to 1977. The large windows ensure that the rooms are flooded with natural sunlight and also have projecting sunroofs. Even the overall outdoor area was covered by a rainproof roof. A summer workshop is located on the eastern side of the open area, which has an open side and can be used for all kinds of different projects.
The solid timber construction makes a significant contribution to achieving a pleasant and healthy indoor climate to ensure that the children feel comfortable. Environmental conservation is also considerably supported by the solid timber construction, benefiting the children of the St. Christophorus Kindergarten as well as the world as a whole.

Photos: © binderholz

Kindergarten, Neubiberg