Ferribiella Headquarters, Verrone | Italy

The building stands out on account of its minimalist geometry, two sides of which were adapted to blend in with the existing building. In the main view of the building, it appears like a simple cuboid, the front face of which inclines backwards to form the entrance area. The building extends over three floors, each measuring 150 m2. The ground floor houses the double-height entrance foyer, administration and commercial offices, the archive, plant rooms, sample room and a gallery overlooking the entrance foyer.

The Managing Director's office, meeting room and a private area are located on the second floor. The staircase extends within the lift well and has been constructed in glass with a metal frame to reinforce the natural interplay of the light. The building is completed by a catslide roof with white varnished glulam. The construction project was supervised by "La Quercia Bioedilizia" from the planning phase through to the execution and construction phase.

Firmenzentrale Ferribiella, Verrone


Project Office building
Place Verrone, Italy
Year of construction 2016
Client Ferribiella S.p.A.
Execution La Quercia Bioediliza
Architecture La Quercia Bioediliza
Statics Aster Studio

Project data

450 m² commercial space
3 above-ground floors
75 m² glazed surfaces
500 m² binderholz CLT BBS walls

The exterior frame has been constructed using binderholz CLT BBS 125 elements and BBS XL panels. The number of load-bearing interior walls was reduced to a minimum to enable the floor plan to be partitioned as required. Fire resistance was increased to class REI 120 by encapsulating the walls with Firepanel A1 plasterboard panels in the vicinity of the adjoining warehouse and production hall. The walls and ceilings are insulated using natural wood fibre panels.

Costs were guaranteed by careful execution planning. The load-bearing structure consists of hollow box beams with binderholz CLT BBS and portals made of steel with glulam beams. 100 mm-thick BBS 125 5 layer elements were used for the walls. The BBS 125 system ceiling is constructed using visible quality timber. The portal-framework structure is repeated on every floor with glulam beams, connected to the pillars with stainless steel bolts, a system that permits maximum freedom in the design of the floor plan and enables the interior rooms to be flexibly partitioned. The roof was constructed using white varnished BSH GL28h.

Construction details

130 m³ binderholz CLT BBS
22 m³ structural glulam
3 working days for the shell

The comfort provided by the optimum thermal insulation property of binderholz CLT BBS was underpinned on this project by excellent building services systems. The building is rated energy class A+. The systems were developed in-house to guarantee maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption. The thermal power plant consists of a condensing boiler coupled to a boiler by a heat pump. Integral fan convectors provide heat distribution and the cooling system. The total electrical energy demand is guaranteed by a photovoltaic system generating 20 kW, while the home ventilation system perfectly regulates and controls the air quality in the workspaces in the interior. Windows and doors were constructed with a frame cross-section of 80 mm to guarantee total air-tightness, with regard to the cladding as well.

Photos: ©La Quercia Bioedilizia

Firmenzentrale Ferribiella, Verrone
Deckenuntersichten in BBS Sichtqualität
3D Rendering der Tragstruktur
Kombination von binderholz Brettsperrholz BBS und Brettschichtholz
BBS im Attikabereich
Holzbauelemente während der Bauphase