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Franz Binder senior turned his passion for wood into a profession back in 1950. The third generation of the Binder family continues to embody this passion for wood - with vision, innovation and the total commitment of all its staff. In the timber industry, the name Binder is associated with a sense of tradition and integrity, combined with modern technology and innovation. From humble beginnings as a small sawmill more than 70 years ago, the family-run binderholz has grown into a fully integrated group of companies that utilises state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing methods. At binderholz, 100 % of the renewable raw material wood are utilised. From the cultivation of seedlings and forest management to timber harvesting, processing in the sawmills, products for the do-it-yourself sector, customised packaging solutions, the manufacture of solid wood products, innovative mass timber solutions and affordable housing, the entire value chain is consistently implemented. Waste wood from production is processed into densified biofuels, green electricity, pressboard pallets and pressed pallet blocks. Besides its original headquarters in Fügen, Austria, the binderholz Group operates 60 other sites. More than 6,000 employees in Europe and the US share a passion for wood. YOU LOVE WOOD AS A MATERIAL binderholz management binderholz 1963 It is this love of wood that connects you to us Franz and Paula Binder

True to the motto of “We stick up for the forest together” we as forest owners want to offer you a professional structure for the processing of all relevant forest services. With our forestry service and timber procurement companies we set new standards in sustainable forest management. Our philosophy of “Everything from a single source” stands for a rapid, unproblematic and transparent processing of your timber transactions through one single contact person, from planning of the harvest up to the invoicing. Our services cover all areas of forest management. From cultivating and sowing the seedlings to forest management and reforestation efforts to maintenance to timely timber harvesting, timber logistics and timber procurement including acceptance of all product ranges. The deliberate choice of harvesting methods, a targeted preparation of the areas, the deployment of state-of-the-art machines and qualified forest employees are all a part of our arsenal to satisfy you as our customer. We are able to cover this quality and the broad range of services in conjunction with our professional partner structures; concurrently, we strengthen regional industrial structures through deploying local skilled workers. We coordinate the pros! A RENEWABLE RAW MATERIAL From seedling to afforestation and log supply

binderholz is an expert partner to customers with its many years of experience and tried and tested solid wood construction solutions. Experts in our high-performance technical department offer comprehensive and detailed service. Our qualified engineers, civil engineers and technical draughtsmen expertly provide support on all questions relating to statics and construction, structural physics and fire resistance. And the experienced binderholz team of experts can also offer effective advice when developing building concepts, structural designs and detailed solutions. binderholz owes its reputation to its approach to customer care and proximity to customers, a product mix and price policy geared to market needs and the company‘s quality management system. The products are exported around the world. Smart and varied solutions made from solid wood PROJECT PLANNING © © OMT architects

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70.065 ESR-4081 Mechanical quality grading Machine quality sorting of the sawn timber used for our timber construction products CLT BBS, glulam GLT, solid structural wood KVH® and solid wood panels using 4-colour scanner and a mechanical strength test. Perfect bonding technology, ongoing checks by glue suppliers Continuous internal quality controls Manual and automatic grading during the production process and final inspection of all products. Constant monitoring of the production process by our own laboratory. External monitoring by independent institutes Continuous inspection of binderholz products by independent test institutes, hence guaranteed compliance with standards. CONTROL AT THE HIGHEST STAGE TOP QUALITY IS A MUST

100% USE OF WOOD AS A RAW MATERIAL BASED ON THE 'ZERO WASTE' PRINCIPLE The binderholz value creation chain is based on the 'zero waste' principle. This means that 100% of the timber raw material is processed. After their delivery, binderholz processes the trunks nearly completely into sawn timber, solid timber panels, glulam and CLT BBS. Waste timber as production by-products such as bark, cut-off pieces, wood chips, sawdust and shavings are processed into biofuels in the form of pellets and briquettes or converted into climate-neutral thermal energy or green electricity in our proprietary biomass combined heat and power station. Thus valuable resources are preserved and climate-neutral production without waste according to the zero-waste principle is made possible. 100% SUPPLY OF ALL PRODUCTION PLANTS BY OUR OWN SAWMILLS BUILDING INDUSTRY TRADE PROCESSOR DIY CONSUMER Lumber Profiled timber Planed timber Garden wood SAWING PRODUCTS TIMBER CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS binderholz CLT BBS binderholz Glulam GLT Solid structural wood KVH® Solid wood panels SAW MILLS RECYCLING THERMIC USE RE-USE BIOFUEL SAWING BY-PRODUCTS Green electricity Community heating Densified biofuels Horse litter Pressboard pallets and pressed pallet blocks Solar energy Atmosphere FORESTRY SERVICE PROVIDER REFORESTATION

PRODUCT RANGE Glulam GLT Solid wood panels binderholz CLT BBS Solid structural wood KVH® Timber construction products Sawing products Profiled timber Planed timber Lumber DIY range Solid wood products for the DIY store Wood packaging binderholz Pressboard pallets PSP Pressed pallet blocks Wooden pallets Horsepellets Planing Chips Densified biofuels | Green electricity | Horse litter Briquettes | Pellets Garden wood Residential buildings Solid wood system solutions for affordable living space

LOCATIONS AUSTRIA headquarter 5 locations USA 3 locations LATVIA 1 location GREAT BRITAIN over 40 locations GERMANY 5 locations FINLAND 3 locations Even today the Binder family still support the brand name of binderholz. The vision, innovative strength, courage and exceptional commitment of every single employee make binderholz a reliable full-service provider in the field of wood. In 1950, Franz Binder Sen. turned his passion for wood into a profession. The Binder family has embodied this passion for three generations. binderholz produces well thought-out solid wood solutions. Our responsible handling of this exceptional raw material, from seedling to full utilisation based on the zero waste principle guarantees premium solid wood products and densified biofuels. Our solid wood products range from lumber, profiled timber, single and multi-ply laminated solid wood panels and glulam to binderholz CLT BBS. These are complemented by DIY products such as garden wood, construction wood and multi-purpose boards as well as wooden pallets and customised packaging solutions. Waste wood from production is processed into densified biofuels, green electricity, pressboard pallets and pressed pallet blocks. Besides its original headquarters in Fügen, Austria, binderholz operates 60 other sites. Some 6,000 employees at Austrian, German, British, Latvian, Finnish and US sites share their passion for wood.

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