The company

True to the motto of “We stick up for the forest together” we as forest owners want to offer you a professional structure for the processing of all relevant forest services. With our forestry service and timber procurement companies we set new standards in sustainable forest management. Our philosophy of “Everything from a single source” stands for a rapid, unproblematic and transparent processing of your timber transactions through one single contact person, from planning of the harvest up to the invoicing. Our services cover all areas of forest management. From cultivating and sowing the seedlings to forest management and reforestation efforts to maintenance to timely timber harvesting, timber logistics and timber procurement including acceptance of all product ranges. The deliberate choice of harvesting methods, a targeted preparation of the areas, the deployment of state-of-the-art machines and qualified forest employees are all a part of our arsenal to satisfy you as our customer. We are able to cover this quality and the broad range of services in conjunction with our professional partner structures; concurrently, we strengthen regional industrial structures through deploying local skilled workers. We coordinate the pros! A RENEWABLE RAW MATERIAL From seedling to afforestation and log supply