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100% USE OF WOOD AS A RAW MATERIAL BASED ON THE 'ZERO WASTE' PRINCIPLE The binderholz value creation chain is based on the 'zero waste' principle. This means that 100% of the timber raw material is processed. After their delivery, binderholz processes the trunks nearly completely into sawn timber, solid timber panels, glulam and CLT BBS. Waste timber as production by-products such as bark, cut-off pieces, wood chips, sawdust and shavings are processed into biofuels in the form of pellets and briquettes or converted into climate-neutral thermal energy or green electricity in our proprietary biomass combined heat and power station. Thus valuable resources are preserved and climate-neutral production without waste according to the zero-waste principle is made possible. 100% SUPPLY OF ALL PRODUCTION PLANTS BY OUR OWN SAWMILLS BUILDING INDUSTRY TRADE PROCESSOR DIY CONSUMER Lumber Profiled timber Planed timber Garden wood SAWING PRODUCTS TIMBER CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS binderholz CLT BBS binderholz Glulam GLT Solid structural wood KVH® Solid wood panels SAW MILLS RECYCLING THERMIC USE RE-USE BIOFUEL SAWING BY-PRODUCTS Green electricity Community heating Densified biofuels Horse litter Pressboard pallets and pressed pallet blocks Solar energy Atmosphere FORESTRY SERVICE PROVIDER REFORESTATION