roof conversions and extensions using CLT BBS

COMFORT AND AIR QUALITY, THERMAL INSULATION IN SUMMER When coupled with the outstanding properties of timber as a store of heat and humidity, the warm timber surfaces guarantee a balanced living environment and a high level of comfort. As CLT BBS stores heat exceedingly well, it also helps to provide optimum protection against the building overheating in summer. Solid wood is synonymous with well-being and living comfort, as guaranteed by its multi-faceted architectural design possibilities alone. The visible CLT BBS surfaces of diverse species of wood, such as spruce, stone pine, larch or antique fir, can be combined in the interior of the building and further individualised using coloured glazes and planed or brushed finishes. LEAN AND LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION WITH A HIGH DEGREE OF PREFABRICATION binderholz construction solutions provide for a very high degree of prefabrication, significantly shortening construction times and guaranteeing a high level of quality. The economically attractive ratio of gross to net living space also sets solid wood constructions apart from conventional construction methods. This fact is becoming increasingly important in light of current building costs, particularly in urban areas. A major benefit is their outstanding load-bearing strength based on the dimensions of binderholz CLT BBS elements. This strength is literally brought to bear with roof conversions and extensions. The structural possibilities offered by the CLT BBS elements come into their own here, coupled with the fact that their comparatively light weight does not significantly increase the load on the building. ALSERBACHSTRASSE, VIENNA I A On the Alserbachstrasse in Vienna, the old roof truss was demolished around the listed fireplaces. A BBS 125 system ceiling was installed on top of the existing building on which the two-storey roof extension rests and the loads are deflected onto the existing load-bearing walls. From this point onwards, the ceiling could be used as temporary storage space for the materials needed for the overall conversion. As a result, city traffic down below could continue to flow unimpeded and no parking spaces were lost. The visible quality ceilings used also mean that no subsequent work is needed in the interior. Nursing home in the former Robert Bosch School in Arnstadt | D BBS 125 system ceiling Temporary storage of materials CLT BBS elements with visible wooden surfaces © STARSANDPICTURES; curt themessl © STARSANDPICTURES; curt themessl © STARSANDPICTURES; curt themessl