roof conversions and extensions using CLT BBS

According to a study carried out by the TU Darmstadt University, there is the potential for an additional 1.5 million apartments in existing buildings in Germany alone. In the study they were obtained by means of addition. Feasibility of roof conversions and extensions (Source: Deutschland- Studie 2015 „Potential living space created by roof conversions and extensions“, TU Darmstadt University) GENERAL BENEFITS OF USING BINDERHOLZ CLT BBS IN ROOF CONVERSIONS AND EXTENSIONS • The conversion work can be carried out with the building still inhabited and involves no additional resettlement costs. • Prefabricated finished system components guarantee a short construction period with a high level of prefabrication and simple detailing. • The solid wood elements are delivered just-in-time to site and do not require any additional site equipment or temporary storage on the street, resulting in considerable cost savings in terms of possible road closures or diversion of public transport. • Increased space: comparatively minimal element thicknesses are possible, resulting in an economical ratio between gross and net floor areas • Timber: comfortable living climate, thermal store in winter, insulator in summer • Visible quality: pleasing, warm wooden finishes - nature in architecture BUILD WITH WOOD AND GAIN AN EXTRA ROOM! Wood possesses outstanding thermal insulation properties, which is why solid wood buildings have considerably thinner walls than buildings constructed with other wall elements. By way of example, walls make up only up to 20% of the total constructed area of a timber building, whereas this percentage is higher with conventional builds. This equates to a gain of up to 10% of living space with a wooden building with the same outer dimensions - almost an entire additional room in a single family house. This exceptional construction property of wood also has a positive impact on the density of the development with larger projects: significantly less land is needed for higher-quality residential properties, also reducing the basic costs for all involved. Building with wood creates more living space. Penthouse with a smaller floor area Roof conversions and extensions Potential for roof extensions 60% to 90% of existing building stock Single floor extension 85% to 90% of existing building stock Double floor extension 35% to 45% of existing building stock Triple floor extension 2% to 5% of existing building stock Floor plan of a conventional style of apartment Living space 100 m2 Floor plan of a timber construction apartment Living space 110 m2