roof conversions and extensions using CLT BBS

BENEFITS WHEN BUILDING ROOF CONVERSIONS AND EXTENSIONS WITH BINDERHOLZ CLT BBS • Rain-tight after a few days • Minimal noise pollution, no dust pollution and minimal waste • No drying time needed • Materials can be stored directly on the ceiling, resulting in no major site equipment being needed at street level • Finished system parts: shorter construction periods with a high degree of prefabrication and simple detailing • Crosswise construction of the CLT BBS elements: excellent dimensional stability | 2-axis load deflection is possible | Overhangs can be fitted directly from the ceiling • Permeable: BBS acts as a vapour retarder, enabling construction largely without the need for vapour films BUILDING WITH BINDERHOLZ CLT BBS - SILENT, DUST-FREE, RAIN-TIGHT Noise, waste and dust are 3 words indelibly associated with any inner-city building project. Not if you build with binderholz CLT BBS. Noise, waste and dust can be drastically reduced owing to the high level of prefabrication and simple assembly of CLT BBS. No noisy machinery is needed to assemble the solid wood elements, as the individual elements merely need to be bolted together on site. The high level of prefabrication of CLT BBS elements minimises the number of machining stages on site, reducing dust, waste and also noise pollution. Multi-floor extensions and conversions can be quickly constructed in a few days, as solid wood constructions require no drying times and the site is rain-tight as soon as the roof has been installed. DIMENSIONALLY STABLE AND YET BREATHABLE CLT BBS elements are multi-ply and made of solid wood throughout. They have a high level of dimensional stability on account of their crosswise construction, due to their natural shrinkage and swelling being minimised through the gluing of the individual layers. This crosswise structure also enables load-bearing on 2 axis along the longitudinal and lateral layers of the CLT BBS. In spite of this structure, the wood does not lose its natural property as a breathable construction material, enabling the building to be largely built without the need for vapour films, hence conserving resources. BINDERHOLZ CLT BBS CLT BBS is a completely solid, multi-plywooden element. Bonding longitudinal and transverse layers together reduces the „movement“ of the wood, that is its swelling or shrinkage, to a negligible degree. The solid finished element can bear heavy loads, is fire-proof, can quickly be fitted dry and has sound and thermal damping properties. The use of binderholz solid wood products and construction solutions results in building projects that meet all the regulatory structural physics and fire protection requirements. Solid wood structures retain their value, are stable and meet the most exacting demands in terms of quality, efficiency and environmental sustainability.